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Tips To Avoid Hydroplaning

Driving in the rain can be slow moving. This can lead to people becoming impatient. While rain isn’t always dangerous, it’s riskier to drive in than a normal sunny day. Related: Tips For Driving In The Rain What is hydroplaning? Hydroplaning occurs when a car loses traction on wet roads and its tires are unable … Continued

Published: 08/28/20

Marijuana Legalization In Kentucky Raises Big Questions

Kentucky Could Legalize Medical and Recreational Marijuana According to a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Safety, there’s no clear way to test whether a driver is impaired by THC. THC is the chemical found in marijuana that makes users “high”. Currently, six states – Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington – where … Continued

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Published: 05/18/16

How To Drive Safely In Foggy Weather Conditions

After the snow, now comes rain and fog to greet Kentucky drivers. Driving in fog can be extremely dangerous as your vision is impaired. Please be extra careful. In the Traffic Crash Analysis Report of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet from 2010-2014, an annual average of 125,771 crashes were recorded, 662 of which were fatal. Although there … Continued

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Published: 03/10/16

How To Drive Safely On Slippery Roads In Kentucky

As a snowstorm swept across several U.S. states including Kentucky, drivers were left to brave the slippery road conditions. In Kentucky, some motorists were stranded for hours in traffic. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet also lost one employee. He was plowing snow from highways. Christopher Adams called his supervisor to report that his snow plow had … Continued

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Published: 01/27/16

Kentucky Files Bill To Promote School Bus Safety

School buses are considered the safest mode of transportation, but that doesn’t mean they’re crash-proof. Safety measures still need to be taken seriously. If they aren’t, then potentially fatal crashes will happen. In September of 2015, a 5-year-old boy died after being hit by a school bus. Jayden Hawkins, a kindergarten student from Butler County, … Continued

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Published: 01/25/16

Where Are The Worst Drivers In The Country?

Montana drivers were ranked the worst drivers this year according to a study conducted by the Montana has high speed limits and severe winter weather. That’s a bad combination. Montana drivers were also voted the worst in 2014. Second place goes to both New Mexico and South Carolina. Related: Gas Prices Lowest Since 2008 … Continued

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Published: 12/16/15

Gas Prices Lowest Since 2008 In Kentucky

Thanksgiving is here! To make this Thanksgiving even more special, gas prices are set to be the lowest since 2008. If you paid around $2.07 for a gallon of gasoline in Kentucky in 2014, expect to pay less than that this year. The average gas price around the Louisville area is $1.92 per gallon. However, … Continued

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Published: 11/25/15

Dealing With Aggressive Drivers On Kentucky Roads

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive driving accounts for approximately one-third of Kentucky’s collisions. Last October, the Kentucky State Police (KSP) ran a campaign called Operation Remove Aggressive, Impaired and Distracted Drivers from Kentucky Roadways (R.A.I.D.). This campaign was unique in that the operational plan was based on crash activity in … Continued

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Published: 11/23/15

Kentucky Traffic Deaths Are On The Rise In 2015

The lower gas prices and better weather has allowed more people to travel. While traveling is great, it has also increased the number of traffic deaths in Kentucky. Both gas prices and weather combined with other factors like not wearing seat belts and distracted driving have caused the traffic deaths to significantly rise this year. … Continued

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Published: 10/30/15

Louisville Teams Up With Waze To Improve City Traffic

Avoid terrible traffic jams in Metro Louisville with the help of Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation app. In September 2015, Mayor Greg Fischer, the Office of Performance Improvement and the Public Works Department announced that Louisville was named the fifth city in the U.S. to develop a partnership with Waze. Metro Louisville has teamed … Continued

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Published: 10/23/15

October Marks The Seasonal Jump In Deer Activity

Brace yourselves! October is here, and it’s the start of the annual three-month increase of deer collisions in Kentucky. This is the time of year when the likelihood of encountering a deer on the road increases dramatically. In 2014, the Kentucky State Police (KSP) reported a total of 3,092 deer collisions, which resulted to 62 … Continued

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Published: 10/09/15

School Bus Safety Tips: What To Teach Our Children

In the United States, 23 million students take the bus back and forth to school daily. However, is taking a bus still safe for students? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), school buses are the safest mode of transportation for children traveling to or from school. Students are also 50 times more … Continued

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Published: 10/07/15

Always Buckle Up, It Can Save Your Life

In Kentucky, drivers and passengers can be cited and fined for not wearing their seat belt. Since the primary seat belt law was passed, Kentucky’s seat belt usage rate rose to 86.1% in 2014 from 67.2% in 2006. This is quite an accomplishment for all Kentucky drivers since the national average rate is 87%. The … Continued

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Published: 09/18/15

Cars Issuing Report Cards For Teen Driving Habits

Report cards aren’t exclusive to schools anymore. Soon, cars will be issuing report cards, too. Start-ups and global car manufacturers have introduced services that will allow parents to see and restrict the driving behavior of their young drivers. Driving report cards In a report published by USA Today, General Motors engineer Mary Ann Beebe said … Continued

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Published: 09/14/15

Kentucky Driving Tips For Teens

Young drivers are the ones most at risk for motor vehicle accidents. In fact, traffic related crashes are the number one cause of death among Americans ages 15 to 20. According to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, teens are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers, per mile driven. … Continued

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Published: 09/11/15

Study: 4.2 Million Admitted To Driving While Intoxicated

A study released in August by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that close to 2% of adults admitted to driving while intoxicated at least once in the last 30 days. The study was led by CDC investigator Amy Jewett. CDC researchers looked at the 2012 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) … Continued

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Published: 08/25/15

Avoid Road Rage, Keep Calm Behind The Wheel

Following the Ohio River Bridges construction, several Louisville streets will be closed for work this June, 2015. The project is set to be completed in January 2016, but some roads will continue to be closed and signed detours will be in place until then. You can check the link below for updates on impacted roads … Continued

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Published: 06/15/15

Is Rain More Dangerous Than Snow And Ice?

Believe it or not, rain is more dangerous in many states than snow and ice. This is largely due to the fact that rain is so common in many states. Also, drivers aren’t as cautious in the rain as they are on snow or ice. In a report compiled by the Auto Insurance Center, based … Continued

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Published: 05/27/15

Kentucky Gears Up For The Annual Click It Or Ticket Campaign

According to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, Kentucky recorded a total of 672 highway fatalities in 2014 alone. Of those, 521 were in motor vehicles and 319 of them, or 61%, were unrestrained at the time the incident occurred. That’s an alarming rate. If more people would properly wear their seat belt, then more … Continued

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Published: 05/15/15

Kentucky Passes Ignition Interlock Bill

Kentucky is proud to join 24 other states in implementing the interlock law. Last March, Kentucky lawmakers passed the Senate Bill 133 or commonly known as the Ignition Interlock Bill. SB 133 was a hybrid of legislation repeatedly filed by Rep. Dennis Keene, D-Wilder. According to Rep. Keene, who is known as a longtime advocate … Continued

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Published: 04/22/15

Hall Of Fame Jockey Recovers From One-Vehicle Crash

Jockey car accident The Hall of Fame jockey Ron Turcotte, 73, hopes to be released from hospital soon, according to his spokesman. Leonard Lusky said that Turcotte has been recovering well from the vehicle crash he was involved in on March 2015. Last month, Turcotte was hospitalized with fractures in both legs after the van … Continued

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Published: 04/04/15

Tips For Staying Safe When Driving On Icy Roads

Not only does severe weather make road conditions worse, it also affects your vehicle’s performance, as well as your driving abilities. For one, pavement friction is poor because your tires can’t get a good grip on the road, road obstruction can happen unexpectedly and cars are likely to drive slower. All of these will delay … Continued

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Published: 01/26/15

Study: Kentucky Has Lowest Percentage of DUI-Related Crashes

In a study conducted by, Kentucky had the lowest rate of drunk driving-related fatal crashes in the country. The state received a score of 51, which is the highest a state could score. Higher scores mean better drivers. The study also provided rankings in other categories. Kentucky landed sixth on Fatalities Rate per 100 … Continued

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Published: 12/19/14

Winter Driving Safety Tips For Kentucky Roads

It may still be fall, but winter weather has arrived early this year. If you must drive after a heavy snow storm, please drive slowly. This is especially true if snow plows haven’t had a chance to clear the roads, yet. It’s also a good idea to leave early. This gives you more time to … Continued

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Published: 11/26/14

Safe Driving Tips with Semi-Trucks On Kentucky Roads

When you are driving on a highway, you almost always see large vehicles, like semi-trucks, driving down the highway. For the most part, seeing semi-trucks on the road is no big deal, but what would happen if the large vehicle got in an accident? One of the issues with accidents involving large vehicles is that … Continued

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Published: 11/21/14