Mike Schafer is ‘The Lawyer Who Wrote The Book’! Mike worked tirelessly to write four books along with The Kentucky Accident Guide. Only a lawyer who has concentrated on an area of law for over 25 years could write books filled with great information on topics like purchasing the correct car insurance, mistakes that can ruin your car accident case, how a wrongful death case should be handled and how to survive a new driver in your family.
The Schafer Law Office wants you to have this information at your fingertips, that is why we will send Kentucky residents the books free of charge! Mike Schafer is ‘The Lawyer Who Wrote The Book‘ and he wants you to know how to be informed on accident law by providing you with the highly helpful books that can be ordered below. 

Wrote The Book Commercial

This is The Schafer Law Office’s “Wrote the Book” commercial.

Glove Box Guide Cover

The Glove Box Accident Guide

Download Your Copy of the “Glove Box Accident Guide”Being involved in a car accident can be a bad situation. Being prepared BEFORE you are involved in one is the key to recovery. The “Glove Box Accident Guide” was written by The Schafer Law Office. It’s a great resource to help prepare you for the moments after an … Continued

The Survival Guide to a New Driver Cover

The Family Survival Guide To A New Driver

Order Your Free Copy of “The Family Survival Guide To A New Driver” Teaching your children how to drive can be one of the most exciting yet trying times of both of your lives. Attorney Mike Schafer, along with his daughters, Rachael and Savannah, have written “The Family Survival Guide To A New Driver” to … Continued

Wrongful Death in Kentucky

Wrongful Death In Kentucky

Order Your Free Copy of “Wrongful Death In Kentucky” This book is for those who need help and are looking for what’s best in their case. In most Kentucky wrongful death cases, the estate has the claim for damages. The Kentucky Revised Statutes lists the order in which the heirs-at-law can have the settlement or … Continued

Car Insurance Cover

What You Don’t Know About Buying Car Insurance Can Hurt You

Order Your Free Copy of “What You Don’t Know About Buying Car Insurance Can Hurt You”When you are buying car insurance, you need to know what questions to ask your insurance agent. This will ensure that you purchase the insurance that financially protects you and your family. I wrote “What You Don’t Know About Buying … Continued