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Do I Need To See A Doctor After An Accident?

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, you should always get medical attention. Even if you think you are okay there is a chance you were injured. It is extremely important to immediately go to the emergency room, an immediate care center or to your family doctor within 72 hours after the accident. Your injury may be worse than you think or you may have hidden injuries that won’t show up for a few days. Delaying treatment will only aggravate any pain you feel and could also cost you a lot of money. Whether you are the driver or passenger, you can be eligible for compensation, but it’s important to find out whether or not you are injured.

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Avoid a gap in treatment
Another big reason you should go to the doctor is to take away the argument that the insurance company will make when you try to settle your injury claim. A gap in care can damage the integrity of an injury claim. The insurance company might question you, emphasizing that you would have seen a doctor right away if you were really hurt from the accident.

Pick a doctor who is right for you
Also, you’re allowed to get a copy of the police report before visiting your physician, but you don’t have to get one. Again, it’s not just about the insurance arguments, your health is extremely important. There are many physicians in Kentucky that can help you recover from your injuries.

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Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
Under Kentucky law, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) will pay up to $10,000 of your medical bills related to injuries that were from the accident. PIP is mandatory in Kentucky and takes care of your medical expenses depending on the amount specified in the policy. Doctors can help you with the paperwork that is needed for your PIP claims. This is another reason why you should go see a doctor after being involved in a Kentucky car accident or any other type of accident. Proper documentation of the injury is necessary to preserve case integrity. While doctors are skilled at treating wounds and injuries, not all of them are injury documentation experts. If you do not have a personal physician, it’s crucial to find a Kentucky accident physician to look after injuries you sustained.

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The insurance company
Your Kentucky personal injury attorney will need the paperwork so they can assist you better. The documents will prove your injuries were from the accident and not from any other incident. Also, having $10,000 in your medical coverage does not mean that you will get that amount. The insurance company will only pay for the amount they deem necessary to treat the injuries you received from the accident. Insurance companies may base the reimbursement amount on the average market rate. For instance, your weekly check-up with the physician costs you $160. Since the average rate for a physician where you live is $140, your doctor will receive $140. This does not affect you; only what your doctor is paid.

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