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VIDEO: I’m very, very pleased

I'm Very Pleased “I got bitten by a dog, and the insurance adjuster, I felt, was not being truthful to me. As far as what…

Very Prompt

Very Prompt They were very prompt and patient with me and my case. Eric K.

Lead Me In Right Direction

Lead Me In Right Direction In all, you helped lead me in the right direction with my case. All bills were taken care of. Kristin…

Courteous And Keep Clients Happy

Courteous and Keep Clients Happy I felt that The Schafer Law Office was professional when it came to important matters that I needed to know…

Great Experience

Great Experience I had a great experience and I always have. Clayton S.

Well Represented

Well Represented I felt well represented. I felt that Mike was authentic and trustworthy. Very professional service and communication. Ryan B.

I’m Satisfied

I'm Satisfied I'm satisfied. Chris was patient with me from the beginning and that is the foundation of professionalism. Tara R.

Overall Pleasant Experience

Overall Pleasant Experience I feel like it was an overall pleasant experience. I feel like I never had to worry about whether my case was…

Treated With Kindness And Courtesy

Treated With Kindness And Courtesy The Schafer Law Office was great at getting medical help. Also, they always updated me on my progress or whenever…

Beyond What I Was Expecting

Beyond What I Was Expecting The service I received was way beyond what I was expecting. Any question I had they answered. Courtney W.

Always Answered Calls And Emails

Always Answered Calls And Emails I liked the service that I received from the law office because they were on top of things and always…


Informative It was informative and always a pleasure. I had a great experience. The best part was settling outside of court! Tiffany T.

Very Caring and Fast

Very Caring and Fast Y'all were very caring and cared about me. Very fast with pushing my case through. Everyone did a great job, don’t…

Simply The Best

Simply The Best Simply the best. How I was treated every time I came through the door was very comforting. Robert G.