Back Pain From A Rear End Collision

Auto Accident

Victims of Kentucky rear end collisions may experience back pain, neck pain or whiplash despite using seat belts and head rests. You may be wondering, what is whiplash? Typically, whiplash is a term for pain and stiffness in the neck and back area. It may also indicate a more severe injury such as a herniated disc.

How can you reduce back pain?
Studies show that 85% of patients with whiplash after a rear end automobile accident complain of lower back pain. Unfortunately, you don’t always feel back pain, neck pain and whiplash right away. Sometimes it takes a few days or even weeks. You usually can’t see these injuries, either. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce back pain. Some non-medical ways include:

  • Improve posture
  • Reduce stress
  • Stretch, strengthen and move the muscles
  • Improve sleep

What should you do?
If you are experiencing neck or back pain, you should always be examined by your doctor or chiropractor. Do this as soon as you can. When you get checked out by a doctor, you will know what is wrong and will get the treatment you need to recover. If you don’t see a doctor or wait until you start to feel pain, which could be days or weeks later, this could hurt your case. How does this hurt your case? If a jury discovers a gap between the accident and doctor’s appointment, they will think that your injuries were not caused by this accident. They will think that if you were really hurt, you would have seen a doctor right away. This conclusion could be bad news for your case.

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If another driver rear ended you, call a Kentucky personal injury attorney to determine your rights. Driver’s liability is fairly direct in rear end car collision cases. However, back pain, neck pain and whiplash cases can be some of the most difficult to settle for a fair value. The fact that the injury is irreversible and subjective in nature allows the insurance company to fight it. Don’t ignore the pain! By going to the doctor immediately, you will give your personal injury attorney a fighting chance to obtain a fair settlement for you in your case.

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