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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kentucky?

Losing someone you love is devastating enough. When their death is due to the negligence or wrongful actions of another party, the pain can be even more profound. Not only are you facing financial hardship and emotional loss, but the sense of injustice can leave you awake at night. In such challenging times, seeking justice … Continued

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Published: 09/18/23

Helping Accident Victims & Good Samaritan Laws in Kentucky

It’s good to help other drivers in need. You just need to make sure you’re not putting yourself in harm’s way to do so. Accidents are too common on busy roads. In fact, you may have seen a couple of accidents on your way to work today. How to help a Kentucky accident victim Being … Continued

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Published: 03/01/22

Back Pain From A Rear End Collision in Kentucky

Victims of Kentucky rear end collisions may experience back pain, neck pain or whiplash despite using seat belts and head rests. You may be wondering, what is whiplash? Typically, whiplash is a term for pain and stiffness in the neck and back area. It may also indicate a more severe injury such as a herniated … Continued

Published: 01/18/22

Colossus – The Myth Explained

Somewhere around 98 percent of all Kentucky car accident cases eventually settle. That is what our clients want. They want to receive their money right now. That is what we want for the most part if the settlement offer fairly compensates our client and it is not a crappy lowball offer. Preparing a settlement brochure … Continued

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Published: 10/28/21

The Seven Deadly Sins of Distracted Driving

The Seven Deadly Sins of Distracted Driving The most common cause of auto accidents around the world is driver inattention. In fact, it is estimated that around 400,000 people are injured every year in distracted driving incidents. There are so many things happening that surround us and can distract us at any given moment. It … Continued

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Published: 04/27/18

Are Self-Driving Cars Safe?

Are Self-Driving Cars Safe? Many people saw the story in Arizona a few weeks ago about a self-driving car fatally striking a pedestrian while they were crossing the street outside of a crosswalk. Even though the car had a driver, who was employed by the ride-sharing service Uber, he was unable to stop before hitting … Continued

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Published: 04/06/18

Rural Kentucky Bike Accident Involves 14-Year-Old Boy

Driver Inattention May Have Caused Rural Kentucky Bike Accident A 14-year-old boy from Rockholds, Kentucky had to be airlifted to a Tennessee hospital on March 2 after he was hit by an SUV while riding his bicycle. According to police reports, the driver, Latosha Cureton was driving on a suspended license that had been suspended … Continued

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Published: 03/08/18

The Jury Is The Conscience Of The Community

By: Michael A. Schafer There is no personal injury trial lawyer that hears the term Reptile and thinks iguana anymore.  We know it is a technique for trying cases developed by the phenomenal trial attorney, Don Keenan, and brilliant jury consultant, David Ball.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding “The Reptile”. … Continued

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Published: 02/07/18

Curbing Reckless Drivers: School Bus & School Zone Laws

Curbing Reckless Drivers: School Bus & School Zone Laws Nearly every morning on my way to work I pass a school bus stop where children are picked up to be taken to school. I shake my head every time a motorist driving the opposite direction of the bus attempts to pass while the bus’s stop … Continued

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Published: 09/21/17

Roaming Off The Leash: Kentucky’s Dog Bite Laws

Roaming Off The Leash: Kentucky’s Dog Leash & Dog Bite Laws Visit any popular park in the city of Louisville and you will notice dog walking without a leash. Many owners hold the belief that their dog would never do anything to harm anyone, so they don’t need to walk their dog with any restraint. … Continued

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Published: 08/14/17

Finding Affordable Car Insurance

Finding Affordable Car Insurance Finding affordable car insurance can be quite a pain. Sifting through insurance company after insurance company can turn into tedious work that nobody wants to have to do. But, the fact is that everyone that drives needs car insurance to protect themselves, their family, and other drivers. There is a new … Continued

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Published: 07/26/17

Panhandlers: a Public Safety Issue?

Are Panhandlers a Public Safety Issue? Panhandlers often stand on curbs asking for help from drivers in the form of money. There are many reasons why a person will panhandle, but it is for sure that panhandlers need help in some shape or form. Should it be drivers that give them that help? Is it … Continued

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Published: 07/11/17

Car Seat Recall

Car Seat Recall There is no debate as to how important car seats for children are when it comes to your child’s safety when riding in the car. The leading cause of death amongst children is car accidents and the number would be even higher without the help of car seats. Keeping your children in … Continued

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Published: 05/24/17

Concussions from Wrecks Ending Earnhardt’s Career

Concussions from Wrecks Ending Earnhardt’s Career We have covered in our blog before about how concussions are likely to happen when someone is involved in a car wreck. The symptoms of these concussions often linger and cause problems down the road such as memory loss and impaired driving ability. The recent announcement of future NASCAR … Continued

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Published: 04/27/17

Avoid Road Rage When Stuck in Thunder Traffic

Avoid Road Rage When Stuck in Thunder Traffic The Kentucky Derby Festival kicks off this weekend with Thunder Over Louisville! For many people this means outdoor fun, an airshow, and one of the largest firework displays in the world! For others, this means hours of traffic and fighting off the urge to get angry at … Continued

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Published: 04/19/17

Dealing with Car Fires

Dealing with Car Fires After a recent rear end collision on the Gene Snyder Freeway, the driver of a car involved was left severely burned after their car caught fire. Luckily, a fire rescue team arrived on the scene to pull them from their car after pedestrians had tried to do the same. The driver, … Continued

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Published: 04/11/17

Kentucky Ranks Eighth in DUI’s

Kentucky Ranks Eighth in DUI’s In a recent report released by, Kentucky ranked eighth on a list of states with the worst DUI problems. Using a combination of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), ranked the 50 states based on the deaths directly … Continued

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Published: 04/06/17

New Kentucky Law to Take Effect in July 2017

New Kentucky Law to Take Effect in July A new highway safety measure was recently signed into law and will come into effect this July. Senate Bill 92, which was sponsored by Senator Dorsey Ridley, D-Henderson, aimed to standardize the color of vehicle headlights and rear lights. The new law will prohibit drivers from having … Continued

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Published: 03/30/17

AAA Poll: Americans Fear Riding in a Self-Driving Car

AAA Poll Shows Americans Fear Riding in a Self-Driving Car Seventy-eight percent of Americans fear riding in self-driving cars, a survey shows. This is equal to three out of four U.S. drivers. The poll, which was conducted by AAA, also revealed that 54 percent even don’t like self-driving vehicles anywhere near them while on the … Continued

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Published: 03/14/17

Los Angeles: The World’s Most Congested City

Los Angeles: The World’s Most Congested City Los Angeles is the most congested city in the world, according to the transportation analytics firm Inrix. Drivers in the city spent an average of 104 hours stuck in traffic during rush-hour periods in a year. In second place was Moscow with 91 hours, followed by New York … Continued

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Published: 03/06/17

Why Some Want to Limit Teen’s Saturday Night Driving

Why Some Want to Limit Teen’s Saturday Night Driving Recently, a new U.S. study suggested that limiting teens’ Saturday night driving would significantly reduce drunk driving fatalities. The findings of the study show that nearly half of drunk driving deaths occur at night or on weekends. Lead study author Dr. Scott Hoddland of Boston University … Continued

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Published: 02/24/17

AAA Survey: Millennials Have Most Dangerous Driving Habits

AAA Survey: Millennials Have Most Dangerous Driving Habits​ A survey conducted by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety ranks millennials or people between the ages of 19 and 24 as the worst behaved U.S. drivers on the road. Based on the study, 88.4 percent of this age group admitted to speeding, red-light running, or texting while … Continued

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Published: 02/21/17

Concussions May Alter Future Driving Skills

Concussions May Alter Future Driving Skills A small study reveals that concussion patients still experience difficulties in driving even after their symptoms subside. According to the University of Georgia researchers, the patients showed erratic driving despite feeling like they had fully recovered from their head injuries. Participated by 14 college-age individuals, the study engaged them … Continued

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Published: 02/20/17

Drowsy Driving Mimics Drunk Driving

Drowsy Driving Mimics Drunk Driving Millions of U.S. drivers fall asleep while driving every year, and a new study suggests that drowsy driving is similar to drunk driving. According to lead study author Stephen Higgins, a researcher at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving is not just falling asleep at the wheel; it … Continued

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Published: 02/17/17

AAA Study Shows the Top Mistakes of New Teen Drivers

AAA Study Shows the Top Mistakes of New Teen Drivers An AAA study reveals the top three mistakes new teen drivers commit while learning how to drive.  The mistakes are speeding, distraction, and poor visual scanning. According to the AAA, teen drivers were involved in approximately 14,000 fatal crashes over the past five years. In … Continued

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Published: 02/15/17