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Winter Driving Safety Tips For Kentucky Roads

It may still be fall, but winter weather has arrived early this year. If you must drive after a heavy snow storm, please drive slowly. This is especially true if snow plows haven’t had a chance to clear the roads, yet. It’s also a good idea to leave early. This gives you more time to reach your destination. If you’re ever wondering what roads are safe for travel, check out the local news stations. They are good about reporting how the road conditions are and which routes are best for travel. That could help you plan which route to take and how much time you should allow to get there.

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Safety tips for driving on snow and ice
If the snow or ice is bad, please try not to drive. Heavy snow can make it hard to see, especially at night, and ice is even harder to see. If you must drive, then here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Allow more time to get to your destination.
  • Drive slow.
  • Increase the space between you and the vehicles around you.
  • If you’re driving at night and it’s snowing, use your low beams. They won’t reflect off the snow as much, and you’ll be able to see better.
  • Keep road salt, a flashlight, a blanket, a small shovel and even snow boots and warm socks in your car if possible.
  • Never use your cell phone or other devices while driving.

Please keep in mind that what matters most is that you get to your destination safely. Don’t push yourself and take your time. This will hopefully help keep you out of an accident.

Driving in snowy conditions
Now, if you’re about to go out, make sure that you tell someone where you’re going before you leave. That way, it will be easier for them to find you should an emergency arise. In addition, make sure that your gas tank is full and allow more space between you and vehicles around you. It takes longer to stop your car on snowy or icy roads.

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With that, check your car to make sure that it’s ready for the colder weather conditions. Keep an eye on your tire pressure and headlights. You want your tires to be inflated properly. Going from warmer to colder temperatures can change your tire pressure, so inflate them as needed. Your headlights are important because they not only help you see, but it allows other drivers to see you. You want both working properly.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I suggest that you keep contact numbers of authorities or local rescue units in your phone. As stated before, do not use your phone while driving! That is extremely dangerous. All it takes is a quick glance for you to end up sliding into another vehicle or off the road. Please be safe this season and drive carefully.