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How To Drive Safely In Foggy Weather Conditions

After the snow, now comes rain and fog to greet Kentucky drivers. Driving in fog can be extremely dangerous as your vision is impaired. Please be extra careful.

In the Traffic Crash Analysis Report of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet from 2010-2014, an annual average of 125,771 crashes were recorded, 662 of which were fatal.

Although there is no data reflecting the number of weather-related crashes, environmental factors such as road surface and weather conditions were among those cited as contributing factors.

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Driving Safe in Foggy Weather

Don’t underestimate driving in fog. It’s most difficult to drive safely when you cannot see the road clearly. Here are few tips to driving safe in foggy conditions:

  • Keep your headlights on. Headlights are designed so others can see you on the road. Make sure they’re turned on when you’re driving in foggy conditions. When fog starts to set in, visibility is reduced in only a matter of seconds. Remember to use your low beam headlights, high-beam headlights will only decrease visibility as light is reflected off of the water vapor and back at your vehicle.
  • Drive slow. Fog creates the illusion that you’re driving a lot slower than your actual speed. Avoid accelerating your speed. Check your speedometer every now and then to ensure that you’re within the right speed limit.
  • Increase your distance with other vehicles. Some drivers feel it’s easier to get closer to the vehicle in front of them so they’d see them better. However, this shouldn’t be the case. If it’s hard to see other vehicles you’re sharing the road with, it’s best to keep longer distance.
  • Know your fog lights better. If your car has fog lights, take time to know how to operate them. Use them appropriately. Some drivers feel reluctant of using theirs as they’re worried about blinding other motorists. These tools are made to help you see the road better and for others drivers to see you.
  • Never stop on the road. No matter what happens, don’t stop on the road. Instead, pull over and get as far as you can from the traffic. Turn your lights off so approaching drivers don’t think you’re still driving. Also, stay buckled up.

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