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What to do After a Semi-Truck Accident

What to do After a Semi-Truck Accident If you have been involved and injured in a semi-truck accident, time could be of the essence. To the trucking industry, accidents involving tractor-trailers are part of their day-to-day business. When there is a truck accident, the driver of the tractor-trailer will notify their parent company as soon … Continued

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Published: 03/20/19

Man Rescues Driver from Wrecked Semi Near Scott-Franklin Co.

Semi-truck accident A man pulled a semi-driver out of his wrecked vehicle on Highway 460 near Scott-Franklin County. He and his brother were also victims in this crash. According to Matthew Ringer, they were heading to Shelby County when the semi heading their way went off the road. His brother tried to avoid the trailer … Continued

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Published: 08/25/14

Semi-Truck VS Limousine Bus Equals Major Injury For Tracy Morgan

A comedian gets killed, while Tracy Morgan and three more passengers were rushed to the hospital for treatment following a crash on the New Jersey turnpike. According to the State Police, a Wal-Mart truck driver, Kevin Roper, didn’t see the slow-moving traffic near Cranbury town. The truck slammed into the limousine bus where Morgan, his … Continued

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Published: 06/16/14

Truck Driver Hours Cut In Hopes To Reduce Accidents

Those who spearheaded new policies for the number of working hours that truck drivers should render have good intentions. They figured out that reducing working hours for semi-trucks that it could also reduce fatalities and accidents. However, it may expose drivers to stringent new penalties for working long hours and have an impact to the … Continued

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Published: 07/18/13

Hour Limits On Truck Drivers

Truck drivers all over the country have their own ways of doing their jobs. Pick up a load, take it to where it needs to be delivered and then back to get another one. They would go 24 hours a day, seven days a week if they could. Well, recent rules are going to change … Continued

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Published: 07/10/13

Hit-And-Run Driver Charged With Eight Felony Counts

On December 17, 2012, Golden Wilson, 80, suffered serious injuries to her head and face from a car and truck accident. The accident occurred on U.S. 127 Bypass near Lebanon Road when a semi- truck rear-ended her vehicle. Another vehicle, containing four people, was also involved in the accident. The driver of the semi-truck, Michael … Continued

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Published: 02/25/13

Hundreds Die Yearly From Riding in Back of Pickup Trucks

One of the most popular vehicles these days is a pickup truck. It’s great for hauling loads and helping people move. It seems like everyone knows at least one person with a pickup truck. They are especially popular in rural areas and with teenaged boys. However, they do come with their share of risks. One … Continued

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Published: 10/20/09