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Save Kids From Heatstroke This Summer Season

According to, heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths for children. In a study by the Department of Meteorology & Climate Science at San Jose State University, it was found that a total of 641 child heatstroke deaths were recorded from 1998 to present. That’s about 37 heatstroke deaths per year! Many … Continued

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Published: 06/18/15

Children Injured After Being Hit By Car

It’s springtime, so this means more people are out and about on the roads and sidewalks. It’s important that we keep our eyes out for pedestrians, this especially goes for children. Children are more curious and have more energy, by nature, so they could dart out in the street without warning. No one wants to … Continued

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Published: 04/30/14

Child Car Seat Safety

Children, especially infants, aren’t aware of what’s supposed to be done to keep them safe in a car. However, adults know about safety measures and are capable of doing it for the children. No matter how careful we are as drivers, we don’t have any control over what other drivers are doing. To make sure … Continued

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Published: 03/24/14

ATVs Can Cause Child Accidents When Unguided

Regardless of the sport you are playing, you always carry the risk of getting injured. ATV riding is considered to have the highest risk of injury requiring hospitalization compared to sports such as basketball, wrestling and skateboarding. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that while child deaths have decreased slightly in 2011, serious … Continued

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Published: 06/14/13

KY Supreme Court Orders Release Of Child Abuse Records

The number of reported child abuse/neglect cases in Kentucky continues to rise. Over the past five state fiscal years, SFY, (2008 to 2012), it has increased by more than 5,700. In SFY 2012, there were 15,699 children abused or neglected. In SFY 2011,15,510 children across Kentucky were victims of abuse or neglect. There were 15,083 … Continued

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Published: 05/01/13

Spacing on Playground Equipment Could Prevent Accidents

Child safety is very important. That is why we’d like to remind everyone of National Playground Safety Week. Playgrounds are an awesome place to take your children, but did you know that about 75% of child accidents occur at public playgrounds? Here is an outline of a few different safety measures we can all employ … Continued

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Published: 04/26/10