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How to Save On Car Insurance

Why Get Car Insurance? Protect one of your biggest investments, yourself, and your loved ones by getting car insurance. When car accidents happen, or other vehicle-related incidents involving your car, a car insurance policy will relieve you from financial hardship. Car insurance generally comes in two forms, liability coverage, and property damage. Liability coverage pays … Continued

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Published: 01/06/20

Picture Estimates for Auto Damage: Worth the Time You Save?

By: Bryan Meader I have seen more and more car insurance commercials lately that go something like this: “If you’re in an accident, just snap some pictures of the damage to your vehicle and we can mail you a check for the property damage! It’s that simple!” However, before you take advantage of this opportunity, … Continued

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Published: 10/25/18

Tips To Lower Insurance Costs For Young Drivers

Adding a young driver to the family car insurance policy can cost parents double their annual premium rate. This isn’t the case for every insurance rate, but there are some factors that can cause parents to pay more for their car insurance. For example, male teens are likely to cost more than female teens. It … Continued

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Published: 06/22/15

Kentucky Supreme Court: Hit-And-Run Uninsured Auto Cases

While standard uninsured motorist policies provide coverage for hit-and-run accidents, the specific language used by insurers may be different. For example, let’s take two insurance companies. One insurance company policy provides damages when an uninsured motor vehicle “hits” the insured vehicle. The other insurance company policy provides coverage when an uninsured motor vehicle “strikes” the … Continued

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Published: 05/16/14

Kentucky Department of Insurance Addresses PIP Problems

Here’s the problem – PIP (Personal Injury Protection) carriers unilaterally reduce provider bills. Kentucky law allows the reparation obligor’s request for negotiation of reduction or modification of charges. Kentucky law also has a recurring problem when PIP carriers reduce a doctor’s statement of services without having an agreement. Related: What’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP)? Here’s … Continued

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Published: 10/29/13

How Does An Auto Accident Affect Your Insurance Policy?

Do traffic tickets increase insurance premiums An online shopping site did a survey and found out that getting a ticket does not automatically mean higher insurance rates. According to, who conducted the survey, 31% said they had both a violation in the past five years and higher auto insurance premiums as a result. The … Continued

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Published: 02/21/13

Liberty Mutual: Good or Bad?

One day, Brian McGrory, a Globe columnist, received a letter from an attorney in Campbell County, Kentucky. The subject was about Liberty Mutual. In the first line of the e-mail, Attorney Jeffery Sanders was saying thank you to McGrory. Why? The answer is for opening his eyes to see who Liberty Mutual actually was. Demetre’s … Continued

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Published: 10/08/12

What Is Full Coverage On Your Car?

You have just been injured in a Kentucky car wreck. You need to pay your medical bills and loss wages, but how are you going to be compensated for your pain and suffering? To make matters worse, the other car didn’t have insurance. When you bought your Kentucky car insurance policy, you asked your insurance agent … Continued

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Published: 12/08/10

Do You Know What An Uninsured Vehicle Is?

There was a case in 2010 that involved an uninsured vehicle. The case explored what was an uninsured vehicle under the Uninsured Motorist Coverage in your Kentucky car insurance policy. Uninsured Motorist Coverage is the part of your insurance policy that will cover you if you are the victim of an accident and the person … Continued

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Published: 09/12/10

How Much Kentucky Car Insurance Do You Need to Have?

If you want ten times the insurance, that doesn’t mean it’ll cost you ten times as much. Your insurance agent may not tell you that additional insurance will not cost you that much more unless you ask. Why? It’s because it’s a bad deal for the insurance company but a good deal for you. Related: … Continued

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Published: 07/09/10

Did You Say Full Coverage?

One of the first questions we ask when getting to know a new client is “What type of car insurance coverage do you have?” The answer that we get 90% of the time is, “I have full coverage.” We have learned that this means different things to different people. We ask the follow up question, … Continued

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Published: 07/02/10

Is Giving A Statement To The insurance Company A Good Idea?

Suspects on the television crime shows are always talking to the police. They are constantly volunteering information before they ever consult with an attorney. If that’s how it’s done on television, it must be a good idea. This is wrong! Volunteering information almost always back fires on television. The same thing happens in real life. … Continued

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Published: 06/03/10

Kentucky Car Accident Victims Can Collect For Time Off Work

Kentucky car accident victims often wonder whether or not they’re going to be paid for the time they are unable to work as a result of an accident. That is, whether or not they can collect their lost wages. If the accident wasn’t their fault, the answer is yes. If the accident was their fault, … Continued

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Published: 05/05/10

What Does No-Fault Really Mean?

Kentucky is a No-Fault insurance state. What does this mean? There are a lot of Kentucky accident victims who hear this term and believe that this means that it doesn’t matter who caused an automobile accident. They believe that anyone who is injured in a Kentucky automobile accident can recover for their pain and suffering. … Continued

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Published: 04/14/10

Can I Protect Myself From An Uninsured Driver?

Kentucky accident victims have a serious problem that happens over and over again. This problem has to do with car insurance, and unfortunately, the frequency has increased. The problem is not with the accident victim but with the person that caused the accident. The at-fault party has been charged criminally for not having insurance. This … Continued

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Published: 10/24/09

Car Insurance May Cover Injured Cyclists and Pedestrians

It is springtime and bicycles and walkers are everywhere. Unfortunately, there are going to be accidents. One common question that people may have is, “Who is going to pay for my medical bills and injuries if I am in an accident with a vehicle when I am on a bike or walking?” Fortunately, there are … Continued

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Published: 05/18/09

Are You Driving Without Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

I was driving home from work yesterday and it was pouring down rain. As the saying goes, it was literally raining cats and dogs. Unfortunately, rain makes the roads slick and dangerous. Everyone is in a hurry to get where they are going, especially on a Friday night. Now, I am not going to harp … Continued

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Published: 05/09/09

Stacking Insurance Policies

There are many different types of insurance coverages offered by insurance companies. You may even have multiple policies with one company. Is there some way to merge these policies together? There is, and it’s called stacking. What is stacking in Kentucky? Stacking is when you take several different insurance policies and add them together for … Continued

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Published: 02/06/09

Should You Carry Insurance That Will Protect Your Family?

Not carrying sufficient car insurance coverage can have devastating repercussions on you and your family if you are involved in an accident. If the accident is not your fault, it is up to you to have coverage that will protect you and your family. If you are carrying the Kentucky minimum insurance coverage, you are … Continued

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Published: 01/20/09

How Insurance Companies Settle Cases

When you look at the philosophy of insurance companies, we pay them so that they will pay us if we are in an accident. If we are in an accident, that will cost the insurance company money therefor cutting into their profits. Because of this, the insurance industry has several tactics they use to save … Continued

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Published: 11/21/08