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Curbing Reckless Drivers: School Bus & School Zone Laws

Curbing Reckless Drivers: School Bus & School Zone Laws

Nearly every morning on my way to work I pass a school bus stop where children are picked up to be taken to school. I shake my head every time a motorist driving the opposite direction of the bus attempts to pass while the bus’s stop sign is out with lights flashing. It happens more than you would think.

A couple of miles later, I drive through a school zone. Just like most school zones, the speed limit is reduced and a warning is given in the form of a sign with flashing yellow lights. It never fails that when I slow down to the posted speed limit, I am passed by hurried drivers who seem not to care that there could be children crossing the road ahead. At The Schafer Law Office, we are tired of this blatant disregard for children’s lives. So, we are going to post some rules and regulations for driving around school buses and in school zones.

Our hope is that this blog changes someone’s behavior when in these situations and maybe saves some innocent lives in the process. These laws to obey when near a school bus or in a school zone include:

  • When a school bus is stopped with its stop sign extended, you must stop no matter what direction you are going.
  • If you see a school bus slowing down, make sure you give it room to stop. Don’t ride the bus’s bumper because there are kids inside of the bus and waiting for the bus and you must prepare for the bus to make a sudden stop.
  • In Kentucky, the only time that it is permitted to pass a school bus when traveling the opposite direction, is on a four lane road. However, in Indiana, you may not pass on the opposite side of a four lane road unless there is a median present.
  • In a school zone, you must anticipate the change in speed and obey the posted speed limit. Not only do you endanger the lives of children when speeding in a school zone, but fines are heftier when caught speeding.
  • Any time you are driving around the time children are arriving to school or leaving school, you must be on the lookout for school zone signs so you can prepare to slow your vehicle. This is why there are flashing yellow lights attached to the sign, so you can see it from far away.

At The Schafer Law Office, we have heard too many stories about drivers disregarding the lives of school children. There really is no excuse for disobeying these simple laws that are put in place to protect young students. Now that you know the laws, follow them!