Finding Affordable Car Insurance

Finding Affordable Car Insurance

Finding affordable car insurance can be quite a pain. Sifting through insurance company after insurance company can turn into tedious work that nobody wants to have to do. But, the fact is that everyone that drives needs car insurance to protect themselves, their family, and other drivers.

There is a new company that is striving to make comparing car insurance quotes easier by eliminating the tedious switching from car insurance site to car insurance site. EverQuote is a company that was started by two college graduates with math backgrounds that took aim at disrupting the way that people find affordable car insurance.

The fact is, only 5% of driver pay less than $50 per month on car insurance. EverQuote is doing their best to change that through easily comparable rates and discounts to qualified drivers with clean accident records. It isn’t often that drivers know that they are overpaying for their car insurance. But, once you compare quotes alongside of what you are currently paying, most will realize that they could be getting a much better deal!

At The Schafer Law Office, we don’t normally advertise for other companies unless we think that they are the real deal and can help our clients live their best lives. With EverQuote, we think that it makes it easier to get a fair, affordable quote on your car insurance. Fair and affordable, shouldn’t that be what people are already getting? The Schafer Law Office and EverQuote seem to think so!

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