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AAA Poll: Americans Fear Riding in a Self-Driving Car

AAA Poll Shows Americans Fear Riding in a Self-Driving Car

Seventy-eight percent of Americans fear riding in self-driving cars, a survey shows. This is equal to three out of four U.S. drivers. The poll, which was conducted by AAA, also revealed that 54 percent even don’t like self-driving vehicles anywhere near them while on the road.

Based on AAA’s survey, the reasons why many U.S. drivers shy away from this technology are (1) they trust more their driving skills than the technology; (2) they feel the technology is too new and unproven; (3) they don’t want to pay extra for it; (4) they don’t know enough about the technology, and; (6) they find it annoying.

AAA PollAAA’s managing director of Automotive Engineering and Repair John Nielsen said that while there’s a rapid advancement towards autonomous vehicles, U.S. drivers may be hesitant to give up full control. However, 61 percent of American drivers prefer at least one of the following features on their next vehicle: adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and self-parking technology.


  • Women drivers are more likely to be afraid to ride in self-driving vehicles than men. Likewise, baby boomers (53-71 years old) are more likely to be afraid then Millennials (18-36 years old) and Generation X (37-52 years old) drivers.
  • Fifty-nine percent U.S. drivers want autonomous technology in their next vehicle while 25 percent would not want it. The remaining 16 percent may or may not want the said technology.
  • Every year, over 35,000 people die on U.S. roadways.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

This recent survey reflected the real score of autonomous vehicle technology to U.S. drivers. It is now clear that more Americans are not comfortable with the idea of riding in a self-driving car. As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I am keeping my eye on the future of this technology. I have firmly believed that while we have the main responsibility to stay safe while driving, we can’t ignore the potential of this technology to improve convenience, mobility, and safety for motorists.

In an IHS Automotive study, it was suggested that self-driving cars could hit the market in 2035. If more people will embrace this technology, I hope that it will be able to increase the safety of our drivers and help reduce road fatalities. For the meantime, let’s do our part as responsible drivers. Stay focused, drive sober, obey traffic rules, and always buckle up. Do all of these and there will be nothing to be afraid of.

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