Is Giving A Statement To The insurance Company A Good Idea?

Suspects on the television crime shows are always talking to the police. They are constantly volunteering information before they ever consult with an attorney. If that’s how it’s done on television, it must be a good idea. This is wrong! Volunteering information almost always back fires on television. The same thing happens in real life.

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Insurance adjusters and recorded statements
Accident victims are confronted by the insurance adjuster sometime within the first week in most cases. The insurance company wants information. They want a recorded statement. Is this a good idea? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. The insurance adjuster wants to take a recorded statement from you, the victim. You have been injured through no fault of your own. All you want is to go to the doctor, have your medical bills paid and to get your car fixed. Now the insurance company wants to take your statement and drill you like a suspect in a television crime show. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Car InsuranceYou don’t have to give a statement right away
Kentucky accident victims come into our office and tell us that they have been called by the insurance adjuster. Most accident victims give a statement because they feel that they have to. This is not the case. You do not have to talk to the insurance adjuster from the at-fault insurance company if you don’t want to. In most circumstances, it is advisable not to speak with them until you have spoken to a personal injury attorney. You have the right to refuse.

The insurance adjuster’s motive
Insurance adjusters take statements on an almost daily basis. They have an agenda or purpose behind what they are doing. They are not trying to find out exactly what happened in the case, although that is part of the purpose. They are also trying to get information from you they can later use to defeat your car accident claim. The insurance company is trying to limit the amount that they are going to have to pay you for your injury claim. In most situations, you will have to eventually give a statement to the insurance company. You should do it only after you have been prepared by your attorney. This will help put you on a level playing field with the insurance adjuster. Once you know what your rights are and what the insurance company’s agenda is for this statement, you will be better equipped to protect your rights. You will be able to give a statement that will be beneficial to your Kentucky accident claim.

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Don’t be in a hurry or pressured into a statement
Wait to give your statement. There is no rush. Make sure that you’re not on pain medications and give yourself time to recover from your injuries. You don’t want to give a statement right after an accident when your adrenaline is still high and you don’t know what your injuries are, yet. Wait. Time is not of the essence as the insurance adjuster may make you feel. Give yourself a chance to recover and be educated so that you know what the statement is really about. By doing this, it is less likely that you will say anything that will damage your accident case.

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