Kentucky Car Accident Victims Can Collect For Time Off Work

ContractKentucky car accident victims often wonder whether or not they’re going to be paid for the time they are unable to work as a result of an accident. That is, whether or not they can collect their lost wages. If the accident wasn’t their fault, the answer is yes. If the accident was their fault, they may still be able to collect for lost wages.

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Basic Reparations Benefits
The first item an attorney will look at is what you can qualify for automatically. There may not be any disability benefits that you qualify for under you insurance. Under the Kentucky PIP law, you can collect 80% of your lost wages up to a maximum of $200 per week. This is called Basic Reparation Benefits. This amount isn’t a lot of money. It’s not going to pay for your mortgage or your car payment. Unfortunately, that is what the law is in Kentucky if you have Basic Reparations Benefits.

What the at-fault party is responsible for paying
The remainder of your lost wages will be paid for at the end of the case by the at-fault insurance company. This is when your Kentucky car accident case is settled. Anything that is not paid by PIP will be paid or reimbursed at the end of the case. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do you a lot of good while you’re trying to pay your bills now.

Talk to your insurance agent
There is nothing that can be done to change your insurance coverage after you have been in the accident to increase your benefits. Talk to your insurance agent and purchase what is called Added Reparations Benefits. You may be able to raise that weekly lost wage payment up to $1,000 a week with very little additional premium. You should also talk to your employer or an independent insurance agent about getting a disability policy that will pay for lost wages no matter how you’re injured, whether you’re in an automobile accident or injured falling at home.

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Kentucky’s No-Fault Statute
The Kentucky No-Fault Statute was not enacted as a disability policy for Kentucky accident victims. It was only put in place to supplement your wage loss. The at-fault party is responsible when the case is settled, but this can be years after the accident. Take matters into your own hands now so you are not wondering how you are going to pay your bills later.

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