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Want To Get Pulled Over?

car accident When you are driving down the street and you see a cop, I don’t know about you, but I tense up. I check everything to make sure I am doing it correctly. I follow every law that comes to mind. First, I look down to make sure I am not speeding. I think that is everyone’s initial reaction when they see a cop.

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How to get pulled over
If you want to get pulled over by the cops, here are some sure fire ways to get that done:

  • Speeding is number one. A lot of people speed; this is not new to anyone. The reasoning could be that they don’t like the speed limit on that road, or they think it is too slow. The people who determine the speed limits take a lot of thought in what is the safest speed for you to go on a certain road. Cops pull you over for speeding because you are a danger to yourself and to other people on the road.
  • Another reason cops pull you over is for illegal cell phone use. The cell phone law in a little different in every state, but distracted driving is extremely dangerous. We all know why texting and driving is bad, but here are a few things to keep in mind. Texting and driving has taken more lives than ever. Simply looking down at your phone for even a second can change your life. Anything can happen in that second and I mean anything. An animal might run out in front of your car. You might look up at the last minute, try to swerve to miss it and fly off the road. You could be texting at a stop light and another light might turn green. You may see the green light out of the corner of your eye and you think it’s your light, so you go. This could cause a huge wreck. Those seconds count!
  • Stop sign and stop light violations are a big thing. They are there for a reason. Please obey the law.
  • Heavily tented windows, burnt out tail lights, broken windshields and expired tags on license plate. Basically, if your car has any faults that could hurt you or others. They could be dangerous for any driver, and you need to get those fixed immediately.
  • The last one was a tie between following too close and improper lane changes. Following too close limits your reaction time if something happened. If you throw a cell phone into the mix that would make an awful situation even worse. Improper lane changes can mean cutting someone off or quickly changing lanes without looking first. Failure to use signal can add to the ticket too, so always use your turn signals.

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So, now that you know a few ways to get pulled over, let’s practice the opposite. None of us want to get pulled over. Hopefully with these tips, we can all practice safe driving habits and keep the roads safe.

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