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Using Social Media Is A Driving Hazard

Car Accident First it was texting while driving; now our smartphones can do it all. They bring all sorts of distractions to drivers, anything from checking email and web surfing to checking social media. In a survey conducted by AT&T, seven out of 10 people admitted to engaging in these activities while they’re behind the wheel. Braun Research was able to speak with 2,067 respondents from ages 16 to 65. These respondents said they used their phone while driving at least once a day. Due to these alarming findings, AT&T now includes the use of social media in their “It Can Wait” campaign.

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Fight the urge to look
According to the National Safety Council, around 1.6 million accidents take place each year and 20% of these accidents involved distracted driving. Everyone knows that distracted driving is dangerous, yet many drivers still use their phones while driving. The impulse to look at notifications they receive overpowers their knowledge of the risks involved with it. There have been too many lives taken away or changed forever because they were looking at their phone. We need to fight the urge to look down at our phones while driving. It could just save your life.

AT&T survey
Going back to the AT&T survey, it was revealed that texting is still the leading smartphone-related driving distraction. Around 61% of drivers admitted to texting while driving. It’s followed by email at 33% and surfing the net at 28%. While Twitter accounts for only 14%, the survey found that 30% of those who admitted to posting tweets are doing it “all the time.” Using social media, surfing the net and taking selfies are not a crime. They are legal. However, there is a more appropriate place to do these activities. One place you should never be distracted is while you are driving.

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Don’t multitask while driving
Please don’t multitask while driving. When you try to do several things at once, your attention is divided. You may feel like you can handle multiple things at once, but the truth is you’re putting your life in danger when you aren’t focused on the road. Driving and using smartphones are two activities that require your concentration and can never be done at the same time. The National Safety Council attests to this, too. Wait until you are at your destination before you check your phone.

As a Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney, I’m concerned that distracted drivers are become a serious safety issue nowadays. Each second you let your attention wander off the road, you are exposing yourself and everyone around you to danger. So please put your phone away when driving. Focus on driving and always put safety first.

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