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Laying Down Your Motorcycle, Is That Really Effective?

There was an accident involving a motorcycle and another vehicle that took place in Indiana. The car was turning left and the motorcycle driver failed to see. The motorcyclist laid his bike down to avoid hitting the car. This worked for this motorcyclist, but is there something you can do to reduce the impact of a motorcycle crash?

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Is laying down your motorcycle a myth?
With only an average of 1.9 seconds from the time the collision begins to when the impact actually happens, this sounds close to impossible. When shock gets in the way, riders might not even get the chance to react at all. When we hear motorcyclists talk about laying down their bike to avoid fatal crashes, it may be from personal experience. Here are other reasons why laying down the bike to prevent injuries may be a myth:

  • Technology is better. Before, when technology was not as advanced, you were better to lay down your bike to avoid an accident. That way, your stop will come out much smoother (I use that term loosely). Nowadays, brakes are made more efficient and chances are you will suffer from less injuries staying in an upright position. It is easier to maneuver a motorcycle and swerve around an obstacle. Also, rubber has more friction as compared to plastic and steel found on the side of motorcycles.
  • It is incredibly dangerous. Laying down your bike might cause some serious injuries. To add to the list, you could also break some bones, cause internal injuries, fractures and so on. Even with your helmet on, you might still sustain head injuries as you tumble head first on the surface. Laying down your bike might not be the safest option.
  • Sometimes it’s just necessary. Laying down your bike may not reduce your chances of injuries, but it might be the better option. If there is a cliff, for instance, and you do not have enough stopping distance, then by all means let go of your bike. Again, it’s not applicable all the time but it is sometimes necessary. In addition, you have no control of the vehicle nor yourself when you let go. Please use this as a last resort if possible.
  • You may need some assistance. It is easy to say that you were compelled to lay down your bike because you were trying to avoid another vehicle. However, this may actually cause an accident. If you are able to prove that your risk was for your own safety and to prevent harming another motorist, then you may be able to receive assistance. If the other driver caused the accident, then you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver involved.

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As a Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Attorney, I would like to emphasize that nothing beats prevention then good driving habits. Check your brakes and tires and don’t risk injury by laying down your bike unless it’s absolutely necessary. Laying down your motorcycle can be effective, but you risk serious injury. You should always take precaution.

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