Protective Clothing And Equipment For Motorcycle Safety

motorcycleIn motorcycle accidents, studies show that the head, arms and legs of the rider are most often injured in the crash. Bikers should wear safety gear to protect themselves when riding. Protective clothing and equipment gives motorcyclists comfort and protection from the elements. Protective clothing and equipment also gives them protection and can make them easier to see by wearing bright colors or reflective materials.

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Protective clothing and equipment
Here are some protect clothing and equipment that every motorcyclist should wear when riding:

  • Helmet: This is the most important piece of equipment. In many states, the use of a helmet is required by law. Passengers should also wear a helmet. Safety helmets save lives by reducing the extent of head injuries in the event of crash. Choose the helmet that fits you comfortably, is snug to your head and is fastened for the ride. It should have a hard outer shell, vents, comfort liner, visor, impact absorbing liner and retention system. 
  • Footwear: Proper footwear protects the rider’s ankles, feet and lower part of their legs from roadside debris and parts on the motorcycle that get hot, such as the exhaust. Leather boots are best and durable athletic shoes are a good second choice.  Sandals should not be used since they provide little protection from abrasion or a crushing impact. 
  • Protective Clothing: Motorcycle gear such as pants, jackets and suits are essential for a motorcyclist. These should be made of durable material like special synthetic material or leather. It should be slightly bigger than your normal clothing and should fit properly with strong elastic bands around the ankles, waist and wrists.
  • Gloves: Gloves should be durable and of the non-slip type to permit a firm grip on the controls, such as leather gloves. There are appropriate gloves that are available for all types of weather.

As a Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Attorney, I know that riding a motorcycle is a great way to enjoy the scenery and get outdoors. I also want to remind every rider to wear safety gear, stay safe and make sure to take the proper precautions to minimize the risk of personal injury. Many of the motorcycle accident injuries I have seen would have been less severe if the rider had worn the proper safety gear.