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Kentucky Dog Bite Series: What Causes Dogs To Be Aggressive?

Dog Bites When properly trained, dog breeds that are labeled as aggressive can still make great pets. However, there’s a lot that owners need to understand before choosing to adopt or own a dog that has higher tendencies to show aggression. It can be risky. However, aggression can be reduced, but it will take as much commitment from the owner as the dog. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a dog’s aggression can be 100% cured, but proper training is a wonderful place to start.

The pet’s owner is liable
As the pet’s owner, you are liable for anything your dog does, especially when in public. You don’t want your dog hurting anyone innocent or causing harm to anyone within your family. It’s good to not be content with your dog’s behavior even when they, for instance, have not shown aggression in a long time. There is always a chance that they could attack someone or something. While this might catch you off guard, you will still be liable for any damage.

It’s important to remember that while there are breeds that tend to be more aggressive, aggression is a normal emotion for dogs. It’s their way of reacting to certain threats in their environment. Also, it’s their way of protecting themselves, their pack and human family. Owners play a vital role in controlling aggressive tendencies in their dogs. It’s important to find out what triggers your dog to behave aggressively. That way, you can reduce the risks of your dog hurting someone or damaging anything.

Why are dogs aggressive?
Dogs can be aggressive toward strangers or even family members. This can be a challenge, but it’s important to train your dog how to act around other, especially young children. It’s not uncommon for dogs to act unfriendly toward people they don’t know. For example, your dog may be friendly around your kids but aggressive toward other dogs. Dogs have a tendency to be protective of their territory and everything in it. This is good for those who rely on their dog for safety and security. However, it can be dangerous if the dog starts treating everyone outside of the family as threats. Dogs may also guard things they consider highly valuable. This may be their favorite chew bones or their food.

Just like humans, dogs like to avoid things that scare them. If they cannot avoid it, they may get defensive and try and protect themselves. This could even lead to an attack. So, the best solution is to try and keep your dog away from things that scare them. Along with this, dogs can also be more aggressive when they’re hurt or in pain. Therefore, if you are approaching an injured dog, please be careful. They don’t know what you’re about to do and might react aggressively even though your intention is to help them.

As a Kentucky Dog Bite Attorney, I would like to emphasize that dogs attack when they think their owner or something they value is in danger. So, it’s important to train them early on how to behave. Once they’re trained and you had the opportunity to study their behavior, it’ll be easier to know when your dog might attack someone. This all takes time, but it will all pay off.