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Everything You Need to Know About the Takata Airbag Recall

Driving With approximately 34 million cars in US potentially affected, along with 7 million others worldwide that have already been recalled, the Takata airbag recall issue is far from over.

The recall involves Takata airbag with defective inflators that can explode without warning.  Once it explodes, the airbag sends metal shrapnel to vehicle passengers, which can then cause injuries or death.

Automakers Recall Vehicles

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Car manufacturers have been issuing recalls one after the other. Overall there are 14 of them involved. Toyota recently added 331,000 vehicles to their recall list. Before this, 15 million vehicles have already been recalled. Honda, on the other hand, issued a statement assuring affected customers they will address their needs and concerns, and that an effective customer service is in place to accommodate every car owner.

Meanwhile, BMW, was granted a 5 month extension by the NHTSA to complete airbag repairs. GM is recalling 3,200 more vehicles to replace their side-impact airbags. Car manufacturers were all given a deadline by NHTSA to complete repairs.

Please make sure to coordinate with your dealer if your vehicle is among those recalled. Repairs are free of charge so please have your car checked. It could cause inconvenience, yes, but remember it’s all for your safety. Inquire as well about any assistance that could be extended to you while the vehicle is being repaired.

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Legal Assistance for Personal Injury Cases

In February, a South Florida man reported that the Takata airbag in his 2011 Honda Accord detached and exploded after he hit a pothole and lost control of the vehicle. Leslie Mcleod said he only received a recall notification letter after the incident took place. Mcleod stated he will make sure to take action and sue both Honda and Takata for the potential airbag danger.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I would like to emphasize that this is not the first time car recalls have happened. It’s worrying, but know that you can always ask for assistance should you have concerns. Also, in case you or any of your loved ones suffer from injuries caused by faulty vehicle equipment, please talk to a Personal Injury Attorney so your case can be given proper attention. You need to know your legal rights as well as the steps to take to getting compensation you’re entitled to.

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