Man Rescues Driver from Wrecked Semi Near Scott-Franklin Co.

Semi-truck accident
A man pulled a semi-driver out of his wrecked vehicle on Highway 460 near Scott-Franklin County. He and his brother were also victims in this crash. According to Matthew Ringer, they were heading to Shelby County when the semi heading their way went off the road. His brother tried to avoid the trailer by driving into a ditch. However, the semi still brushed up against their car, leaving a scratch on the driver side mirror before hitting two more vehicles and finally hitting a utility pole.

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Ringer ran to the semi and saw the injured drivers. Others nearby were concerned about the downed power lines. However, Ringer didn’t care about the downed power lines and helped the semi-truck driver out of his vehicle. I admire Matthew for showing courage and helping an injured driver. I hope that the victims recover fast from their injuries. This incident should make us think about what drivers should do when they witness an auto accident.

Do’s and Don’ts of an accident scene
Helping someone in need is a good thing. It is important to exercise caution to avoid causing others further harm. If you ever witness an accident and arrive on the scene first, it helps being aware of basic things you should and shouldn’t do. While your intention is to help save lives, one wrong move and you could end up hurt yourself.

In case you can stay at the accident scene, make sure to check the area for hazards such as downed power lines. In instances like this, it’s best to keep your distance from the scene. However, call the emergency operators so they can help everyone involved in the accident. If you manage to stop, stay out of the traffic lanes and make sure to turn on your emergency flashers to inform on-coming traffic of the road accident ahead.

Also, here’s a reminder about dragging victims to safety. It’s suggested that you don’t move the person unless there’s an immediate threat. If you must, do not lift the victim. Instead, drag them by their clothes over their shoulders. Monitor the victim until help comes or assist someone knowledgeable in administering first-aid.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, responding to a scene of a crash with the best intentions isn’t wrong. However, always keep in mind that it’s a critical situation you’re in, and doing something you’re uncertain about, especially that impacts the victims, isn’t recommended. It’s best to leave the treatment to the professionals.

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