Spacing on Playground Equipment Could Prevent Accidents

Child safety is very important. That is why we’d like to remind everyone of National Playground Safety Week. Playgrounds are an awesome place to take your children, but did you know that about 75% of child accidents occur at public playgrounds? Here is an outline of a few different safety measures we can all employ to make our playgrounds safer for our children.

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Playground safety measures
Some of these safety measures include: parental supervision, playground design and how proper spacing of the equipment can reduce injuries and fatalities. The main component is that all playgrounds should be divided into three different areas. One specifically for children under the age of two, another area for 2 to 5-year-olds and the last area for 5 to 12-year-olds. Children should only play in their appropriate areas. Just as smaller children could get hurt playing on structures designed for larger children, the same goes for older children playing on equipment too small for them.

Check the playground equipment
Here is a list of a few items to check for on the playground to make sure the spacing is safe:

  • Playgrounds that have structures that are taller than 30 inches need to be at least nine feet apart.
  • There should only be two swings in a bay, and they should be at least 24 inches apart and 30 inches from the frame.
  • There should be no part of the playground that could trap any part of a child’s body. The rungs of ladders for example should be less than 3 ½ inches wide or more than nine inches.
  • Any structure that has moving parts should be inspected for points that have the potential to pinch or crush a child’s finger or hand.

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As a Kentucky Child Accident Attorney, and a father, too, I know that going to the playground with your children is fun for both of you. As mentioned earlier, accidents can still happen even if all the safety measures are taken. However, these safety measures will help reduce injury. Don’t stop going to a playground, just make sure the equipment is appropriate for your child.

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