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Car Safety Features Baffle Drivers

Car manufacturers strive to improve vehicle safety features. In the New York International Auto Show held in April 2015, Consumer Reports specialist Mike Quincy said they think that safety is an absolute priority among buyers. While there is an interest for safety features among buyers, a survey conducted by the University of Iowa revealed that the majority of drivers don’t know how car safety technology works. To address this, the University along with the National Safety Council and the Department of Transportation are launching a campaign called MyCarDoesWhat to increase awareness about how auto safety features work.

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Kentucky recorded a total of over 53,500 distracted driving-related crashes in 2014 alone. This resulted to 14,000 injuries. In 2011, over 2.6 million were left injured due to motor vehicle crashes across the United States. It’s not surprising that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injury in the country. It’s unfortunate, too. Many of these crashes could have been prevented by focusing on the road and putting down distractions like cell phones. Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for American teens, killing an average of six teens ages 16 to 19 per day.

Understanding car safety features better
Car safety features aim to curb crash incidents on roads. In today’s vehicles, car technology is more than just cruise control and many of them are worth considering. One example is the reverse backup sensors that makes a beeping sound when you’re about to hit something while backing up. This feature works whether you have a camera installed in your car or not. Another safety feature is the side view assist. This can detect and notify you with a light in your side mirror or a beep if there’s a car in your blind spot.

New car models now feature these technologies, but some features may be available even for lower-priced models. However, some of these safety features can baffle drivers, pushing some to simply turn them off. Also, car dealers may not always explain how to use a car’s safety features to buyers, either. If this happens, you can read about your car’s safety features by looking in the car’s manual or online.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I appreciate that drivers are now looking into investing in car safety features. However, for us to take advantage of these technologies, it’s important to learn more about how they work and how they can help us. All of these safety features may be intimidating at first, but don’t let that keep you from protecting yourself and your loved ones. Make sure to do research on different models of vehicles before you purchase one. This will allow you to find the car and safety features that are right for you.

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