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Car Repair Costs Around The Country

When your check engine light comes on, you get worried for a couple of reasons. One is, of course, your car could break down and that’s not good. Another reason is the price to repair the issue. The cost of the repair depends largely on what state you live in, so the repair price could vary. That may be obvious, but did you know there’s a list that ranks each state according to how much it costs to repair a vehicle? This particular list is from 2012.

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Car repair costs
One of the shocking things from the 2012 Car Repair Cost List was the state with the lowest price of automotive repairs. The state was Vermont. Vermont saw the regular repair cost decline. That is probably why Vermont has the best running cars! The most expensive state was New Jersey. In fact, the average repair cost in New Jersey in 2012 was $393. New Jersey was almost 50% higher than Vermont. The overall repair costs across the nation in 2012 related to vehicles’ check-engine lights averaged $367.84. That was a 10% increase from previous years. That is crazy to think about. This survey also cited procrastination in having repairs made as a major reason for the increases. Car owners were not taking their cars in for repairs. Those delayed repairs became more expensive as problems worsen.

East Coast was the most expensive place to get your car repaired
Traditionally, West Coast car repairs were more expensive, but this wasn’t the case in this survey. Other than California, which did make the top five, the other states were from the East Coast. Besides California, the other states that made the top five were New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland and Washington D.C. If you were wondering where Kentucky fell on this scale, Kentucky was 17. Indiana fell at 40.

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This survey caught our eye because many families are having car trouble. We all know how expensive a car repair can be, especially for anything to do with the engine. The bills add up quickly, too. It’s amazing how big of a difference car repair are depending on which state you’re in. Having said that, car repairs are an expensive investment, but they are necessary to keep your car is good shape. If we don’t get our cars repaired, then it could cause an accident. If your check engine light or other repair indicator lights come on, please always get it checked out by a mechanic. That way, they can fix your car and you don’t have to worry about your car breaking down on you and causing an accident.

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