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Quick and Efficient

Quick and Efficient I think the service that was rendered to me was quick and efficient. Keith M.

Speedy, Reliable Service

Speedy, Reliable Service Speedy, reliable service. Exceptional law services were provided and I'm happy. Anthony C.

The Team Was Very Professional

The Team Was Very Professional The team was very professional. Even if one individual did not know the answer, they asked one another to get…

My Service Was Wonderful

My Service Was Wonderful My service was wonderful. The staff was very friendly, polite and made me feel very comfortable. Elizabeth H.

Represented Us Well

Represented Us Well I feel that the law firm represented myself and daughter well. Everyone was very professional and case was handled well. Dawn G.

Very Honest and Helpful

Very Honest and Helpful I feel like Mike was very honest from the get go. He told me exactly how he felt. When I had…

They Made Sure We Had No Worries

They Made Sure We Had No Worries The service that was provided by the law office was great. The law office made sure we had…

Everything Was Done Well

Everything Was Done Well The service of this office was great. Even though I was very worried and nervous, you guys really helped. The process…

Professional Service

Professional Service The service I received from this firm was professional. I like that it is small, and I deal with the attorney whose name…

Honest and Truly Understanding

Honest and Truly Understanding I am very pleased with this firm. Mr. Schafer was honest and truly understanding. Also, with how I felt talking with…

Excellent and Friendly

Excellent and Friendly It was excellent and friendly! It was the best experience I ever had. JaRayee K.

Staff Was Very Personable

Staff Was Very Personable Staff was very personable. Knowledge of procedures was very good, and they were always quick with answers. Ronald C.

Top Of The Line Service

Top Of The Line Service I feel the service I got was top of the line. I have no problems with the office and would…

Service Was Good

Service Was Good Overall, service was good. Mike is awesome! Jay W.

The Firm Was Like Family

The Firm Was Like Family I felt like the firm was like family. I appreciated the cards in the mail and prompt return on phone…

Great Work

Great Work Great work! Thanks to all of you for taking care of me. Karen S.

No Complaints

No Complaints I feel that Mike and his staff did everything as quickly and professionally as possible. I have no complaints about my services and…

Fast Response Time

Fast Response Time It was great when I called because they would respond in a timely manner. All of my issues were handled. Debra O.

Professional, Fast and Considerate

Professional and Considerate All of the staff was very personal. Everything was handled quickly. Lastly, everyone was friendly and considerate. Briana F.

Was Well Represented

Was Well Represented From the beginning, I felt like I would be well represented. I appreciate how Mr. Schafer was able to explain all aspects…

Everyone Was Nice

Everyone Was Nice Everyone at The Schafer Law Office was very nice. Jesse I.

Exceptional and Courteous

Exceptional and Courteous Overall, the service was exceptional and courteous. They answered all of my questions and returned calls. They did satisfactory work throughout the…