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VIDEO: I’m very, very pleased

I’m Very Pleased

“I got bitten by a dog, and the insurance adjuster, I felt, was not being truthful to me. As far as what I was entitled to and medical attention. I went online, and I found your website. I liked what I read, and you responded back to me very quickly.

Yes, you were because the insurance adjuster was just telling me I had $1,000 that I could use for medical. I read that I’m entitled to get compensated for all my injuries, and I needed someone to help me with my rights. I really felt like you did that for me.

Friendly staff. Everybody was just so nice and friendly and very prompt at getting back to me on issues that I had. Any concerns or any problems that I had, you all just made sure they were handled very quickly.

I feel like everything was exactly what I had hoped it would be in the end. I’m very, very pleased. Just thank you for helping me. I didn’t know what I was doing and I was confused. You lead the way. Now, here we are at the end. Thank you very much.”

Shannon L. May 2013