VIDEO: I felt like I was dealing with family and friends | The Schafer Law Office

VIDEO: I felt like I was dealing with family and friends

Dealing With Friends and Family

“I had my good friend who lives right across the street from me, Willard D., refer me to you. Said you, you was the best. He had worked with you and I decided to call you. I was in a car accident off of Cane Run Road, and it was a bad accident, to me it was. Really had a serious condition at that time. I’ve gotten a lot better since then.

I believe it my first, onset of the car accident was when I went to the ER room. Of course I knew they were asking me my medical information and my billing information. That was pretty well given for me at that point that I was going to, going to have some bills due to this car accident. However, at that point, that wasn’t what I was worried about. It was my back at that point. I knew that when I went to the doctor, I wasn’t getting satisfaction from the doctor I was seeing at that time. After I have talked to a few people, I realized that I may need to get some legal help. I wasn’t getting anywhere with my own doctor.

I’m going to refer that question back to, oh, I guess it’s a history that says you should never go into business with family or friends. I understand that to a point. Whenever I had retained you as my attorney, I felt like through the whole process that I was dealing with family and friends. Everything that I needed. Everything that I asked was answered. Questions I couldn’t even have, you all had questions and then you gave me the answers to them. I felt like this was a partnership. The Schafer Law Office went far and beyond what I expected.

Yes, the way, at the end of the lawsuit and at the end of this case, I was just amazed at how quick that once the case was settled. How, I mean, it was very quick. I couldn’t ask for nothing no better.

I do hope that none of my family and friends is never in an accident like I was in, but if they are, I would even refer you to my enemies to you. I would like to give your one staff member that I’m very familiar with is Leta. Beside yourself, Leta was just absolutely superb. When you had been available every time I called, so it’s not like she did anything. She was always there to answer any questions. She was also great, along with yourself.”

Bobby May 2013