VIDEO: What can I say, I like what you've done here | The Schafer Law Office

VIDEO: What can I say, I like what you’ve done here

I Like What You’ve Done

“I’m Jack McKay. I work for WLOU Radio. I’ve lived in Louisville here now for about six and a half years. For this particular case, I was rear-ended by a young fellow. I took a pretty good hit and I felt like my neck was kind of out of whack. The fact that I had an injury. It was a young fellow that was driving a car that wasn’t his…that’s kind of unsettling. I certainly felt like I needed legal representation. Originally, I was referred to by someone who I felt was knowledgeable and creditable. That’s kind of the way I like to find people is by referral.

Well, I’ve had two separate items that you’ve helped me with. In fact, both of them were car accidents. I guess that doesn’t speak very well for my driving ability. It was both situations where I was rear-ended. I’m a fellow that often has questions about things and curious about how things are going on. Every time I called and had a question, I was taken care of. Several times, I’m sure you remember, you answered my questions personally. Other times I spoke to members of the staff, like Leta. She was able to answer the questions I had, and I felt very comfortable with the way things were handled. I feel very good about it.

Everything has been taken care of. Car’s been repaired. I’ve been repaired. I had to go through a lot of rehabilitation, I guess it is, for my neck injury. I felt that sometimes it wasn’t going in the right direction, you and I talked about it and we were able to find the right path and get the right thing done. I’m feeling pretty good about everything.

I really like the way you have your office done. It’s very tastefully done. Your office is certainly conveniently located; not hard to find. What can I say? I like what you’ve done here.”

Jack M. August 2013