What Are No-Fault Insurance, Basic Reparations Benefits And Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

No-Fault Insurance, Basic Reparations Benefits and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) are different terms for the same type of insurance coverage. Kentucky is a “No-Fault” state. This does not mean that it doesn’t matter whose fault the car accident is. What this does mean is that you may buy insurance that will pay for your medical bills and lost wages if you are in an accident.

You can collect these benefits even if the accident was your fault, thus the term “No-Fault.” The reason the “No-Fault” law was enacted is to allow you to choose your doctor when being treated for injuries sustained in a car accident. It is also designed to ensure that your medical bills are paid without delay or interference from the at-fault insurance company. In other words, to encourage the injured person to seek the medical treatment and rehabilitation they need to recover and not damage their credit rating in the process.