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The Governor Takes A Stand Against Texting And Driving

Distracted Driving Governor Steve Beshear, joined with public safety and business leaders, announced a new campaign to inspire Kentuckians not to text while driving on Wednesday, October 10, 2012. The partnership is between the Governor’s Office, Kentucky State Police, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Kentuckians for Better Transportation and AT&T. They hope to put an end to distracted driving.

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What exactly is this campaign?
Window cling decals are going to be placed on Kentucky state vehicles across the entire state, including police cars. The decals will have the message “No Text On Board.” There will also be “don’t text and drive” messages on electronic boards signs on the highway for motorists to see when they drive through. Currently, there are more than 11,000 state vehicles and 4,000 state law enforcement vehicles which will all have this new window decal displayed.

Don’t Text and Drive Day
Governor Beshear stated, “Our goal is to save lives. It is critical that Kentuckians learn about the dangers of texting while driving and abstain from doing it. I have taken the pledge to never text and drive, and I encourage Kentuckians everywhere to join me. When you’re driving, don’t text. It can wait.” Governor Beshear also signed a proclamation stating that October 10 is “Don’t Text and Drive Day” in Kentucky.

Texting and driving simulator
This month, AT&T is bringing texting and driving simulators to high schools in six Kentucky communities to show the dangers of texting and driving. Not only will people be able to try the simulator and see how texting impairs their driving, but other students will be able to watch. Even if they aren’t in the simulator, they will still see the effects texting and driving has on them.

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Kentucky cell phone laws
Throughout the years, it has become apparent that texting and driving is a huge issue. Governor Beshear is doing his part to put an end to it, though. In 2009, he signed an executive order eliminating state drivers from texting and driving while in state vehicles. In 2010, the Kentucky General Assembly made it illegal to text while driving in the state of Kentucky. The law bans everyone from texting and driving while the vehicle is in motion unless you are reporting illegal activity or requesting medical or emergency aid. If you are over the age of 18, you are allowed to use your GPS and to conduct phone calls.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I know looking down at your cell phone is tempting, but don’t do it! I have seen it change lives. Please take the pledge to not text or use electronic devices while driving. A message or call can wait. It’s not worth risking your life or the lives of others to check your phone while driving.