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Kentucky Dog Bite Series: Three Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

If your dog is sick, chances are you wouldn’t hesitate to cancel a meeting so you could look after them. Dogs are generally known to be loyal and friendly animals. When it comes to pets, dogs are like family. However, dogs can also be very aggressive and cause serious injury. This is not to say that you should avoid dogs entirely. This is simply a reminder that dogs can be a serious danger to people, especially when they are not trained properly. Also, it’s not just friends and family who need to be careful; owners of the dog do as well.

The most aggressive dog breeds
Dog bites are a serious issue in the U.S. Every year, 670 people are hospitalized while 21,000 people are taken to medical facilities for dog bite treatment. On top of that, the annual average of people being treated for dog bites non-medically is around 187,000. With this in mind, here are a few dog breeds that tend to be more aggressive:

  • Among the list of most aggressive dog breeds is the wolf-hybrid or the wolfdog. These dogs inherited their aggressive characteristics from their wolf ancestors. They, however, often bite unintentionally because they are rather ‘teethy’ when playing with people. Another thing that makes this breed dangerous is their tendency to transmit rabies to their victims.
  • Rottweiler is another breed that can be very aggressive. These dogs are extremely powerful. They were responsible for four deaths in 2011 alone. They are also banned in some countries including Ireland and Poland. Rottweilers are extremely territorial, and they possess natural guarding instincts. They make perfect guardians at home because they’ll protect you at all cost. However, they need to be trained well to avoid them from biting anyone.
  • Topping the list of the most aggressive dog is the pit bull. Pit bulls are responsible for one-third of all dog bites in the U.S. What makes this breed more dangerous is that they attack even when they are not provoked. To add to that, pit bulls tend to attack young children and smaller animals.

When should you start training your dog?
To keep dogs from biting, they need to start training when they are young. Also, dogs should be allowed to interact with other dogs to help them feel more relaxed when surrounded by other dogs or even people. One thing worth noting is that some dog breeds are more aggressive because they are, by nature, guard dogs. Examples of these are pit bulls and Rottweilers.

As a Kentucky Dog Bite Attorney, I suggest that you train your dogs at a young age. That way, they will know how to act around people. Also, make sure to socialize them around other dogs. This will teach them that other dogs could be their friends and that other dogs aren’t always a threat. We love our pets, so let’s train them on how to properly act so everyone can enjoy them.

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