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Are Airbags Life Savers?

Do airbags prevent injuries? There is no doubt that airbags do prevent injuries. In fact, airbags saved 25,782 lives between 1987 and 2008. However, can these same airbags also cause injuries? Unfortunately, there is a chance that they can cause serious injuries.

Dr. Smock tips about airbags
William Smock, M.D. from Louisville, Kentucky, is an emergency room doctor at University Hospital and a professor at the University of Louisville Medical School. Dr. Smock is one of the leading experts nationally who is pushing for warning labels on airbags in cars. He has a proposed warning label for cars that he hopes will prevent injuries.

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Dr. Smock has seen injuries from deployed airbags that range from burns and fractures to head and spine injuries. As many know, there is an airbag located in the steering wheel. This is a vital spot to have an airbag because it prevents your head from hitting the dashboard. However, it also adds a bit of danger. Why? It’s because if you honk your horn at the time of impact or have your hands on the steering wheel incorrectly, and the airbag is deployed, it could cause injury. When a car accident is about to happen, the natural reaction is to honk your horn or to try and get yourself out of harm’s way. If your hand is on the horn at the same time that the airbag is deploying at a rapid rate, it will injury you.

Airbag safety
Airbags help prevent you from hitting the interior of the vehicle, but they only work when you also wear your seat belt. If you don’t properly wear your seat belt and you’re in an accident, you will likely be ejected from your vehicle. That could be deadly. Remember to always buckle up before you drive. Also, the ideal space between you and the steering wheel airbag is at least 20 inches. This will reduce the risk of injury. It’s also important to note that airbags can be lethal to children 12-years-old and younger. If you’re traveling with young children, have them sit in the back seat in the proper car or booster seat with their seat belt fastened. This will help keep everyone in the car safe.

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As a Kentucky Car Accident Attorney, I know accidents happen daily on Kentucky roads. Many of these accidents lead to serious injuries. Please always properly wear your seat belt and take any airbag warnings seriously. Together, airbags and seat belts will save your life.