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What You Don’t Know About Buying Car Insurance Can Hurt You

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When you are buying car insurance, you need to know what questions to ask your insurance agent. This will ensure that you purchase the insurance that financially protects you and your family. I wrote “What You Don’t Know About Buying Car Insurance Can Hurt You” to help inform you about the different types of coverages that are available and the purpose of each coverage, that is what each coverage will provide should you be in an accident. Your insurance agent isn’t always trying to sell you the best policy. They may be trying to increase their commission and/or get you the cheapest rate possible. This may not be in your best interest. Topics covered in this book include:

  • Know what automobile insurance coverages are available
  • Know what questions to ask your insurance agent
  • Know what automobile insurance coverage will do for you
  • Know how raising your limits will affect your premiums
  • Knowing how to financially protect your family in case of a car accident

“What You Don’t Know About Buying Car Insurance Can Hurt You” Table of Contents

  • Disclaimer and Warning
  • Why I Wrote This Book
  • Chapter 1: What Are the Different Types of Insurance Coverage I Can Buy When I Am Purchasing Car Insurance?
  • Chapter 2: Liability Coverage
  • Chapter 3: Property Damage Liability
  • Chapter 4: Collision Coverage
  • Chapter 5: Comprehensive Coverage
  • Chapter 6: No-Fault Insurance, Basic Reparation Benefits or Personal Injury Protection
  • Chapter 7: PIP Deductibles
  • Chapter 8: Can I Reject or Waive My No-Fault Benefits?
  • Chapter 9: Added Reparation Benefits
  • Chapter 10: The Kentucky Assigned Claims Plan
  • Chapter 11: Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Chapter 12: Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Chapter 13: Umbrella Policy
  • Chapter 14: Roadside Assistance and Towing
  • Chapter 15: How Do I Get a Rental Car?
  • Chapter 16: Permissive Users
  • Chapter 17: Does My Health Insurance Cover Me If I Am In An Automobile Accident?
  • Chapter 18: Do I Have Insurance If A Car Hits Me While Riding a Bike or Walking?
  • Chapter 19: What Happens if I Drive and Have No Insurance?
  • Chapter 20: What If The Person Who Hit Me Does Not Have Insurance?
  • Chapter 21: What Happens If A Car Almost Hits Me and Causes Me To Hit Something Else?
  • Chapter 22: Can I Buy Insurance If I Don’t Own a Car?
  • Chapter 23: My High School Student Just Got Their Permit
  • Chapter 24: Do I Have To Purchase Car Insurance From the Rental Company When I Rent a Car?
  • Chapter 25: What is Stacking?
  • Chapter 26: Why Don’t People Have Sufficient Insurance Coverage?
  • Chapter 27: What Makes My Auto Insurance Rates Go Up?
  • Chapter 28: Questions You Need to Ask Your Insurance Agent
  • Chapter 29: How Much Insurance Should I Buy?
  • Chapter 30: Do Insurance Companies Give Discounts?
  • Final Thoughts

Note: If you don’t qualify for a FREE copy of this book (you are not a Kentucky resident), you can buy it at Amazon by clicking here.