Tilden Curl: 2010 Goodyear North America Highway Hero

Tilden Curl was picked as the winner from four professional truck drivers’ finalists for the 28th annual Goodyear North America Highway Hero Award. Curl accepted the Highway Hero award and a $10,000 U.S. Savings Bond, a plaque and a specially designed ring that was featured March 31 at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

More about Tilden Curl
Tilden Curl, of Olympia, Washington, is a driver for Tecco Trucking. The incident for which he was honored happened on the afternoon of October 27, 2010. Curl was instrumental in saving the lives of two people in a car. He was driving southbound on Highway 99 near Tulare, California when a vehicle appeared to lose control, cross traffic and stopped on railroad tracks that run parallel to the highway. Curl stopped his truck to check on the car. He yelled to an elderly woman who exited from the passenger side of the car to get clear of the tracks because a train was coming. He saw that the driver was unconscious and trapped inside.  Without any second thought, he managed to open the door of the car, unfasten the man’s seat belt and dragged him out of the car and off the railroad tracks just seconds before the train collided with the stranded vehicle.

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Keeping our roads safe
Joseph Copeland, the vice president for commercial tire systems for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company said that Curl’s quick thinking and brave actions is a clear example of the selflessness and professionalism of many of today’s professional truck drivers. The Schafer Law Office applauds Curl’s actions and those of all the nominees. Keeping our highways safe and preventing car and truck accidents should be the responsibility of everyone on the road. Thank you for taking action and saving lives.

To nominate a professional truck driver for the 2011 Goodyear Highway Hero Award, you can find the application form at http://www.goodyear.com/truck/news/hero/. An independent judging panel reviews the nominations and helps select the honorees.