What To Do If You Are Pregnant And You Get In A Car Accident

Auto AccidentBeing involved in a car accident can be a terrifying, especially if you are pregnant. You need to secure not only yourself but also your baby. An accident brings a number of risks to pregnant women. These risks include: stress, emotional pain, miscarriage, premature birth, birth defects and high-risk pregnancy. A woman’s pregnancy becomes high-risk when the mother or her baby gets injured in a car accident.

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Two pregnant women involved in car accidents
In May 2013, a pregnant woman was seriously injured in a two-vehicle collision. The accident happened in Omaha, Nebraska. Ellen Pankievicz, 31, sustained internal injuries that were life-threatening. Pankievicz was in the first trimester of her pregnancy and suffered a miscarriage. However, it was unknown if the miscarriage resulted from the collision.

Also in May 2013, a 27-week pregnant woman was killed in a single-vehicle rollover crash on Interstate 71, just north of the Gene Snyder Freeway/I-265 exchange. According to the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office, Latonya Hunt died of multiple blunt force injuries. Hunt’s baby died, too.

Pregnant women are vulnerable to injury in accidents
Pregnant women and their unborn children are vulnerable during car accidents. According to experts, more than 93,000 pregnant women in the United States and Canada are hurt in motor vehicle accidents each year. These crashes are the primary cause of traumatic fetal mortality and serious maternal injury in North America. In addition, more pregnant women die in car accidents than in childbirth complications. That’s why it is important to know what to do if you are pregnant and have been in an accident.

What to do if you’ve been in an accident
Your top priority after being involved in a vehicle accident is getting medical attention. You should see your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. It is important to be checked by your doctor even if you feel fine. This is important because it may be your baby who is at risk. Your baby’s condition has to be monitored, and you also need to undergo medical exams. Especially if you have experienced vaginal bleeding, pain in your pelvis or other pregnancy complications. If you were alone when the accident happened, ask for help from people present at the crash. If you can still manage, you could also make a phone call. You should call 9-1-1, your family or other emergency services to come and help you.

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Undergo regular check-ups
Your pregnancy becomes more delicate after a car accident. Thus, you need to visit your doctor frequently and have regular check-ups. In case you feel symptoms, such as severe headache, dizziness, fever, shoulder or abdomen pain, vomiting or change in your baby’s movement, go to the nearest hospital immediately. They will diagnose your symptoms and help keep you and your baby healthy.

Consult a personal injury attorney
If the crash was caused by a negligent driver, a personal injury attorney can help you. They will pursue the injury claim and seek compensation for all the medical expenses and damages. Doing this can be done after you have taken the necessary exams and treatment. You could also have someone in your family speak with an attorney.

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