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Are Self-Driving Cars Going to Take Over in 2035?

Car AccidentWhile they’re yet to be distributed by auto manufacturers, self-driving cars (SDCs) could be hitting the market in about 30 years. A study by IHS Automotive suggests they may be release to the public in 2035. Yes, it’s only a matter of time until we see these cars hit the roads. Car manufacturers have already been developing self-driving technologies. Even Google and Apple have joined the trend. However, these models will start out as a luxury item.

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Self-driving cars will be expensive, but will they be safe?
The research showed that cost was a major obstacle to making SDCs available worldwide. From the luxury segment, we’ll have to see when it will be integrated to the more common vehicle types. Now, another concern is safety. Researchers have something to say about this, though. The study’s co-author Egil Juliussen said that accident rates will drop to near zero with self-driving cars on the road. However, there are still chances that a human-operated car will collide with a SDC, although the figures are likely to decrease steadily as SDC become more available.

Technology is going to be taking full control of the car and humans are going to be merely passengers. Can you imagine yourself relaxing during a ride, talking to your friends, making last minute calls to people or perhaps enjoying a meal? We know that distracted driving is strictly prohibited here in Kentucky. This means we’ll also have to see significant changes in state and federal laws in the next decades, once autonomous cars take over.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I’m excited to see where self-driving cars will end up in the future. If they can really decrease the amount of road accidents, that is definitely a positive thing. I have to admit, however, I’m not sure how I feel about letting a car drive me around while I’m doing something else. I look forward to future updates on self-driving cars.

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