Say Hello to the First Ever Smart Bicycle

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about driving innovations, like Google’s self-driving car. With all the attention that cars are getting, we tend to forget about our bikes. So, is it possible for a bike to get the same attention as these smart cars are?

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The answer is yes! It’s all thanks to a Kickstarter project that introduced a smart bike to us. The name of this smart bike is Vanhawks Valour. At the moment, its price is around $700,000, but it should retail for around $1,000. It just depends on how customized you get. The Vanhawks Valour’s release date is set for October 2014.

What can we expect from this bike?
It’s designed to make cycling fun and safer. It is equipped with sensors that detect blind spots, provides turn-by-turn driving directions and also works with a smartphone for a cyclometer function. You’d know how far you’ve cycled, and how many calories you’ve burned. It can also help you locate your missing bike through the Valour app. You don’t need to charge the bike to keep it running. You just have to use it regularly because pedaling powers the bike. Cycling isn’t just a sport nowadays. It’s becoming a popular mode of transportation. Aside from taking you to your destination, it’s also great exercise.

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However, cycling doesn’t come without risks. Riding a bike makes you more vulnerable than when you’re riding in a vehicle. So, in the event of an accident, you could get seriously hurt. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself. Some of those include:

  • Wearing bright colored or reflective clothing
  • Attach front and back lights to your bike
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Use bike lanes
  • Be aware of people opening their car door to get in or out of their cars

As a Kentucky Bike Accident Attorney, I hope to see safer roads for everyone – motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists alike. The Vanhawks Valour gives us the opportunity to get out and exercise with the convenience of technology. I look forward to what this bike will do.

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