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Phones May Be Mounted To Keep You Safe

One text or call could wreck it all. However, one phone car mount can keep your phone out of your hands. A phone car mount can be attached on your dashboard or window. This simple device can ensure safe driving to a great extent. If you are one of the 84% worldwide who cannot go a single day without their mobile device then having a phone car mount may help keep your hands on the wheel. This is not as safe as not using a cell phone in the car, but it is a step in the right direction as a means of preventing serous car accidents.

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Kentucky laws on electronic devices
Current Kentucky distracted driving laws on all cell phone ban the use for bus drivers, novice drivers and has a ban on texting for all drivers. Still, KRS 189.292 states the exclusions to these regulations which allow the following:

  • The use of a global positioning system (GPS) feature of a personal communication device
  • The use of a global positioning or navigation system that is physically or electronically integrated into the motor vehicle
  • The reading, selecting or entering of a telephone number or name in a personal communication device for the purpose of making a phone call
  • An operator of an emergency or public safety vehicle, when the use of a personal communication device is an essential function of the operator’s duties
  • The operator of a motor vehicle who writes a text message on a personal communication device to report illegal activity, summon medical help, summon a law enforcement or public safety agency or prevent injury to a person or property

Stay focused on the road
Only in these instances may you use your cell phone. When these events are done properly, phone cars mount could be helpful. This device secures your phone in a convenient position inside your car. However, mounting your phone does not mean that you can text or browse the Internet while driving. It only means that your phone is now in plain view or at eye level. You do not have to look down or dig in the car searching for your phone when someone calls you. Now, you can talk hands-free and stay focused while driving.

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The victims of distracted driving accidents are increasing. Don’t let yourself to be one. Take action to stop the distraction, and you can do this even in a simple way. Use phone car mounts to facilitate smooth and safe conversation while driving. However, do not let this distract you from the road!

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