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New Study Shows Time Stuck In Traffic Is Increasing

Car Accident According to the Texas A&M University Transportation Institute, American commuters spend, on average, more than a full work week stuff in traffic. According to the report, traffic jams on the way to or from work, consumed 38 hours of commuters’ lives in 2012. That statistic is up from 34 hours the year before, again on average.

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Traffic report
In the report, Washington D.C. came in at the top spot for congested traffic where commuters spent an average of 67 hours stuck in traffic. Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Boston followed behind in that order. The report also found that 60% of delays occurred on streets and 40% on highways. While the rise in the numbers is probably a good sign for the economy, does it increase the amount of road rage?

Road rage
The Response Insurance Group of America, who conducts national driving habit surveys, says that 50% of drivers responded to aggression with aggression. Also, according to the report, 34% honk their horn, 27% rant and rave and 19% give the driver friendly salute (insert sarcasm here). Men are typically more like to act aggressive and young drivers are more likely to be more aggressive than older drivers over 65. The next two statistics are really staggering. Drivers with children on board and drivers with cell phones in their hands are much more likely to be aggressive and fly into a rage, according to the report! With the road rage reaching almost deadly proportion, it is vital to keep your head in any situation. It is always best to do the hardest thing, and that’s to walk away. You can never be sure what is going on with the other person.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I’ve been stuck in my fair share of traffic jams. It’s frustrating. It’s always tempting to not let people in front of you or honk your horn if someone cuts you off. However, we need to remember to stay calm. It’s not going to do any good to engage in road rage. Try taking a couple deep breaths and focus on getting home safely.

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