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Man Faces DUI Charge. One-Month Old Among Passengers

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Last Thursday, April 17, 2014, a Louisville man hit two vehicles sending passengers to various hospitals, one of them a one-month-old baby. The man who was later identified as Charles Bridges, 69, is facing multiple charges. When officers arrived in the scene of the accident, they saw Bridges on the ground outside of his vehicle. They found out that he was intoxicated. His speech was slurred and he had glassy eyes.

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Prevent DUIs
We never know how serious getting involved in DUI cases are unless you experience it yourself. We shouldn’t have to wait for an accident to occur first before we take the dangers of drunk driving seriously. Whether it’s only a glass or two, our judgment can already be impaired. We need to wait for the effects to wear off. If you are rushing to get to your next destination, then call someone to pick you up, hire a cab or inform people waiting for you that you’re running late. Make sure to tell them where you are and why you’re running late. This helps keep you safe as well as other people.

Be on the lookout for impaired drivers
Kentucky officials have been working to make the roads safer for us. The thing is, there are only so many of them, and they need our help. Also, just because you got away with drunk driving once, does not mean you can do it again. Let’s always think about those affected by our driving behavior. Like the baby involved in the accident listed above. You may feel fine at the time, but the truth is, you may hurt or kill someone if you get behind the wheel after drinking.

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DUI charges hurt your pocket. They also damage your reputation as a consumer, especially when it comes to your insurance company. A DUI is only going to hurt your case. Above all, it can also ruin relationships – with your family, friends or even co-workers. It’s just better to avoid this situation. As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I hope no one gets involved in an accident. Please put safety first when you’re driving.

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