Kevin Ware Surprises Girl in Louisville after Car Accident

Auto AccidentWhen you’re injured in an auto accident, it’s usually a surprise, and not a good surprise at that. Well, for Brianna Boel, that was the case. Boel was with a friend when they were hit by another car in an accident in Louisville. While the accident was an unpleasant surprise, Boel was in for another surprise that most people don’t get when injured in an accident. That’s a visit from a sport’s star.

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Boel’s surprise guest
Boel ended up with fractures in her skull, wrist and right leg, which ended up being a clean snap. There were also concerns about spinal damage and brain bleeding. To say the least, she was very injured. What’s interesting though is that word spread quickly to Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware, who broke his leg back in March 2013. In June 2013, after Boel came out of surgery and had a cast on her leg, Ware made a trip to Kosair Children’s Hospital to visit Boel. That was a pretty awesome gesture.

John Boel’s reaction
Boel is the daughter of John Boel, who is a news anchor for NBC’s Wave3 affiliate in Louisville. He wrote on his Facebook wall: “In the end, we’re not measured by points or titles. It’s what we do for others in need. U of L’s Kevin Ware heard about Brianna Boel’s fractured skull, wrist and horribly broken leg after being hit in a crosswalk and offered to come to Kosair and show her how the rods implanted into her leg will not kill her dreams. It was the first smile in two painful days from this 14-year-old. God Bless you Kevin!”

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I unfortunately see and hear about pedestrian accidents on an almost daily basis. It’s hard to hear. However, while this story is tragic, it’s great to hear stories like this where the community comes together to help bring support. I wish the Boel family a speedy recovery.

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