Kentucky Dog Bite Series: Reporting Dog Bite Incidents

In 2012, 38 cases of fatal dog attacks were recorded in the U.S. The annual data revealed that 50% of the victims were ages 21 and older, while the other half were victims ages eight and younger. A dog bite is too dangerous to ignore. The victim must take action immediately! This will increase the chances of the victim getting the information they need from both the dog and its owner. In cases involving stray dogs, you will want to go see a doctor. The doctor may give you a series of rabies shots just in case the dog had rabies. This is an important step and should not be skipped. Rabies can be deadly if left untreated. The sooner you get checked out by a doctor, the better.

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Other actions you should take after being bitten by a dog
Along with seeing a doctor, you should also take pictures of your injuries. These pictures can be used as evidence later in your case. You should also report the dog bite to the county animal control. You should do this no matter how minor or severe the injury. Animal control will try to find the animal and quarantine it. This will not only let you know what diseases and infections the dog cares, but it’ll help your case as well. Also, when you report your accident, you are helping future victims. Your files can serve as references that authorities can review and use to help other dog attack victims.

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Gather information
To protect your rights, remember to gather as much information as you can about the dog and its owner. Find out about the dog’s bite history, if there’s any. In some cases, that may have been the first time the dog has bitten someone. Even if that’s the case, you need to still contact animal control so the dog can be checked for rabies and other diseases.

As a Kentucky Dog Bite Accident Attorney, I also recommend that you consult with a dog bite attorney. Dog bite claims may take years to process, and you will need help. The most important thing for you to do is to take care of yourself. Make sure to see a doctor, call animal control, take pictures of your injuries, write everything that happened to you in a journal so you can refer to it later and contact a personal injury attorney. All these steps will help you in your case.

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