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Distracted Driving: A Dangerous Habit

Avoid Distracted Driving at All Costs, Reach Your Destination Safely

If there is one topic that is written about most on this blog, it would have to be distracted driving. Distracted driving remains a concern, not just in our home state Kentucky, but across United States, as well.

Authorities Share Alarming Data

According to the Office of Highway Safety, over 53,300 crashes were recorded in Kentucky in 2014. These crashes resulted to 169 fatalities and over 14,000 injuries. Nationwide, over 3,100 people were killed in 2014 due to distracted driving, per NHTSA and the battle to keeping roads safer continues.

There are various forms of distracted driving that NHTSA has made public. First is visual, which happens when drivers tend to take their eyes off the road. Second is manual, which occurs as you remove your hands off the wheel. And last is cognitive, which is taking your mind off your driving.

A combination of these three types of distracted driving can be fatal. And one activity that pushes you do so, is texting.

Texting, the Most Dangerous Form of Distracted Driving

Texting is a common activity these days. It can even be described as a necessity especially during emergency situations. However, this activity needs to be set aside when you’re driving, no excuses.

In a previous post, we mentioned a survey where teens admitted they were talking to either their mother or father while driving. It’s important, now more than ever, to emphasize to young drivers at home that it’s okay to not respond when they are currently behind the wheel. This is because they are risking their safety every time they pick up the phone.

Every second you let your eyes, mind, or hands wander, you’re also losing control of your car. Crashes can take place within seconds and you might not have enough time to respond to the situation if you’re distracted.

Merely reaching out to adjust your stereo can pose a safety threat and engaging in a stressful conversation can also be dangerous.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I say there’s no more effective way to avoid distracted driving than directing your full attention to driving. Please always keep your phone away where you would not be able to see or reach it. For urgent matters, pull over safely because no text message or call is worth your life!

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