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Buddies Not Bullies

Mike Schafer of The Schafer Law Office is excited to announce a new reward program: Buddies Not Bullies. This program was created to reward students who are making a difference in the battle against bullying in schools. This award will recognize a student each week who has had the courage to either stand up for another classmate who has been bullied or who has created an atmosphere where bullying is not tolerated.

Bullying is a problem
Current research states that a bullying incident will stop in less than ten seconds when someone comes between the person being bullied and the bully or if someone befriends the one being bullied. Being bullied can have terrible effects throughout one’s life. Children need to be able to succeed in and enjoy going to school, not be scared to go.

“Our children are our future. We need to do everything we can to protect them and allow them to get the most out of their education,” attorney Mike Schafer claims. With the Buddies Not Bullies program, we plan to recognize those making a difference and increasing the safety of students while doing so.

For more information on Buddies not Bullies visit https://www.mikeschaferlaw.com/library/schafer-law-office-anti-bullying-award-program/.

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