Are Disc Protrusions Caused By Car Accidents?

Back SurgeryAre you suffering from pain in your back or neck after a car accident? If this is the case, then you should see your doctor right away! They will help you figure out what is causing your pain. After running a few tests, your doctor may say that you have a disc protrusion. This type of injury can range is severity, so it’s important that you know the diagnosis stated by your doctor so you understand your injury.

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What is a disc protrusion?
A disc protrusion is a generic term used for a disc disorder. It’s also known as a slipped disc or disc bulge, but this term is really a “catch all” for a range of spinal disc injuries. It can occur in different stages. One stage is natural wear and tear with age. As we age, our body changes, and one change in our backs is the discs lose their elasticity. This makes them more vulnerable to injury. Another stage occurs when the inside of the disc pushes its way into the spinal column. The next stage is a bulging disc. This is where the material inside the disc moves around the disc’s surface, beyond its normal area, as it pushes against the outer wall. The last stage is a herniated disc. This is where the outer wall finally tears. All these stages can cause severe back or neck pain. A disc protrusion occurs and increases due to the deterioration of the discs in the back as a result of aging or an accident injury. The condition can be detected by an MRI.

How do you treat a disc protrusion?
Treatment for a disc protrusion will depend upon the amount of pain you are experiencing. There are some disc protrusions that heal on their own. Measures used to treat disc protrusion include: the use of pain medication prescribed by your Physician, bed rest and physical therapy. Surgery may be an option for cases with extreme pain unrelieved by other measures. However, it’s usually a last resort.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I’d like to remind everyone that if they have back or neck pain caused from an accident, that you should see a doctor right away. Back injuries can be serious if left untreated. Also, if you catch the injury soon enough and get treated by a doctor, you will heal faster. Don’t let an accident injury keep you from doing the things you love. See your doctor and start the healing process so you prevent the injury from getting worse.

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