14-Year-Old Boy Rescues Passengers Trapped In Vehicle

Auto AccidentA 14-year-old boy is now called a lifesaver after he remarkably rescued his two friends in a single vehicle crash in July 2013. Nicholas Wheaton, 14, who was riding in the backseat, was able to pull out other passengers inside the SUV that rolled over and almost completely submerged in a pond. Wheaton was able to climb out and escape. He dialed 9-1-1 and rescued Holly Klue, 18, the driver, and Teresa Jensen,16, the front seat passenger.

According to the Fayette Crews, Klue was driving north on Post Road when she lost control of her 2001 Ford Explorer, while rounding a curve. Wheaton, Klue and Jensen had only minor scrapes and bruises. Klue was issued a citation for speeding and not being prudent of road conditions. Investigators say she was driving too fast around the curve that had loose gravel.

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Rescue and save a life
Performing a rescue is not an easy task and can be very dangerous. The rescuer has to think and act fast as every second counts but at the same time they have to observe safety measures. These include:

  • Stay calm. The first thing to do in a rescue is to stay as calm as possible and focus. Panicking won’t help at all. When you panic, you lose your ability to think straight. A clear mind is important to do the things you need to do.
  • Get out as quickly as possible. Whether your vehicle slams into another car or if it rolled over into a pond or another body of water, you have to get out of the vehicle immediately. This is exactly what Nicholas Wheaton did. That’s why he was able to escape from the submerged car and was able to pull out his friends out of the vehicle.
  • Call 9-1-1. As soon as you get out of the vehicle, call 9-1-1 for medical assistance, especially if you and your loved ones were injured.

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Submerged car accidents safety tips
If you’re ever in an accident where your car ends up in a deep body of water, you need to stay calm and focus. If your car is still floating, it is advised to roll down the window and unbuckle your seat belt to escape. However, if your car is submerged, safety experts recommend buckling up while you break the driver or passenger’s side window to escape. It’s recommended that you have something in your car that could help you break a window, like a hammer. This could just save your life.

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