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Auto Accidents

Car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. If you’ve been in an accident, seek medical attention right away!

Truck Accidents

When a semi-truck is in an accident, it almost always ends in a fatality. This is due to its bigger size and weight.

Wrongful Death and Fatal Accidents

Losing a loved one is physically and mentally exhausting. We are here to help you through this emotional time.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are completely exposed to their surroundings. Make sure you wear protective gear and stay visible to others.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists, just like motorcyclists, have little protection in the event of an accident. Make sure to stay visible and follow traffic laws....

Pedestrian Accidents

Many different rules and laws apply to pedestrian accident cases. We are here to determine the negligence of the guilty party and pursue compensation....

Child Accidents

If your child has been injured or harmed in any situation, see a doctor as soon as possible. We can help get you the competition you deserve in your case....

Dog Bites/Animal Attacks

Dog bites can come from any dog, even ones you are familiar with. If you’ve been bit by a dog, contact local animal control....

Slip and Fall/Premises Liability

Whether you slipped on ice or a wet floor, property owners can be held responsible for your injuries if you weren't informed with a sign or other warning....

Louisville Personal Injury Attorney Serving All Of Kentucky

The Schafer Law Office - Louisville, Kentucky

When you are hurt through no fault of your own, it can be devastating. You have the right to seek compensation for your injury. The right attorney can help you get your life back to normal. We understand that injures caused by an accident are a big burden to bear. Remember with The Schafer Law Office on your side, you are not alone.

Small Law Firm, Big Results

Michael Schafer founded The Schafer Law Office in 1990. He has been representing accident victims in Kentucky for over 25 years. Michael Schafer and his legal team are committed to serving you, our client, throughout your entire case.

Our service to you is our number one priority. We understand that you may have some questions, and we are committed to making sure those are answered immediately. Here are some of those questions:

Special Offers

The Family Survival Guide To A New Driver

FREE to Kentucky Residents

The Family Survival Guide To A New Driver - The guide that every parent and teen must read as your family starts to add new drivers

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Wrongful Death in Kentucky

FREE to Kentucky Residents

Wrongful Death in Kentucky - A survivor's guide to Kentucky Wrongful Death. How you can deal with and make healing a lot easier.

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What You Don’t Know About Buying Car Insurance Can Hurt You

FREE to Kentucky Residents

What You Don’t Know About Buying Car Insurance Can Hurt You is intended as a guide to help the consumer in purchasing automobile insurance.

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7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case

FREE to Kentucky Residents

"7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case" is a guide to help accident victims who have been injured in the state of Kentucky.

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Staff Profiles

Michael Schafer
Paula Brown
Angela Morrow
Patti McCooe
Sarah Smith
Michael Zilles
Michael Schafer Attorney

Mike Schafer has been helping Kentucky accident victims for over 25 years. He knows Kentucky law and is here to help you.

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Paula Brown Case Manager

Paula is a Case Manager at The Schafer Law Office.

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Angela Morrow Case Manager and Paralegal

Angela was hired as a Case Manager and Paralegal for Mike in April 2013.

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Patti McCooe Case Manager

Patti McCooe joined The Schafer Law Office in December 2014 as a Case Manager.

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Sarah Smith Legal Secretary

Sarah is our Legal Secretary at The Schafer Law Office.

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Michael Zilles Law Clerk

Michael joined The Schafer Law Office in October of 2014 as a Law Clerk.

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