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  • Shaunan D. tells us about her experience at the Schafer Law Office in this testimonial.

    Shaunan D. tells us about her experience at the Schafer Law Office in this testimonial.

  • Shannon L. gave us a video testimonial about her experience at The Schafer Law Office.

    I'm Very Pleased “I got bitten by a dog, and the insurance adjuster, I felt, was not being truthful to me. As far as what I was entitled to and medical attention. I went online, and I found your website. I liked what I read, and you responded back to me very quickly. Yes, you were because the insurance adjuster was just telling me I had $1,000 that I could use for medical. I read that I’m entitled to get compensated for all my injuries, and I needed someone to help me with my rights. I really felt like you did that for me. Friendly staff. Everybody was just so nice and friendly and very prompt at getting back to me on issues that I had. Any concerns or any problems that I had, you all just made sure they were handled very quickly. I feel like everything was exactly what I had hoped it would be in the end. I’m very, very pleased. Just thank you for helping me. I didn’t know what I was doing and I was confused. You lead the way. Now, here we are at the end. Thank you very much.”

    Shannon L. May 2013
  • Bobby gave us a video testimonial of his experience with The Schafer Law Office.

    Dealing With Friends and Family “I had my good friend who lives right across the street from me, Willard D., refer me to you. Said you, you was the best. He had worked with you and I decided to call you. I was in a car accident off of Cane Run Road, and it was a bad accident, to me it was. Really had a serious condition at that time. I’ve gotten a lot better since then. I believe it my first, onset of the car accident was when I went to the ER room. Of course I knew they were asking me my medical information and my billing information. That was pretty well given for me at that point that I was going to, going to have some bills due to this car accident. However, at that point, that wasn’t what I was worried about. It was my back at that point. I knew that when I went to the doctor, I wasn’t getting satisfaction from the doctor I was seeing at that time. After I have talked to a few people, I realized that I may need to get some legal help. I wasn’t getting anywhere with my own doctor. I’m going to refer that question back to, oh, I guess it’s a history that says you should never go into business with family or friends. I understand that to a point. Whenever I had retained you as my attorney, I felt like through the whole process that I was dealing with family and friends. Everything that I needed. Everything that I asked was answered. Questions I couldn’t even have, you all had questions and then you gave me the answers to them. I felt like this was a partnership. The Schafer Law Office went far and beyond what I expected. Yes, the way, at the end of the lawsuit and at the end of this case, I was just amazed at how quick that once the case was settled. How, I mean, it was very quick. I couldn’t ask for nothing no better. I do hope that none of my family and friends is never in an accident like I was in, but if they are, I would even refer you to my enemies to you. I would like to give your one staff member that I’m very familiar with is Leta. Beside yourself, Leta was just absolutely superb. When you had been available every time I called, so it’s not like she did anything. She was always there to answer any questions. She was also great, along with yourself.”

    Bobby May 2013
  • Marrissa K. tells us about her experience with The Schafer Law Office.

    Extremely Pleased “I came to The Schafer Law Office a few years ago because I was hit in my vehicle and the whole right side of my car was damaged. Me and my girlfriend were injured. In fact, we both had to be hospitalized. It was a very unpleasant experience. I needed someone to assist me because the gentleman who hit me apparently was not concerned at all for my well-being. When I came to The Schafer Law Office, I was definitely eager for someone to take my case. I had a lot of apprehension about the process, about what would happen and even if someone would take my case. I was very grateful that my case was able to be represented. That you were able to represent my case considering that it did not happen here in Louisville, Kentucky. It happened in Indiana while I was on a church retreat. One of my apprehensions was that it happened out-of-state. That was a big concern because I wasn’t for sure, with my knowledge of the legal system, if I could even get someone from the state where I live in Kentucky to represent me in another state, especially since it was in Indianapolis. The second thing was I was just very distraught about the whole thing. I wasn’t for sure what direction to go, but I knew I needed help. I knew I needed help concerning getting all this resolved. This just was not just a small accident with me being hospitalized, and I wanted to make sure that the person who was responsible for the accident was accountable. Absolutely, you were able to help me resolve the case. I think the biggest thing I felt satisfied with was the peace of mind that I had with you handling the correspondence and communication. So many bills came in. It was just crazy. I couldn’t keep up with the demand between my doctors’ appointments, working full-time and going to school full-time. The load was astronomically overwhelming. Your office really not only did an excellent job of helping me organize all of that, but the peace of mind I got from not having to deal directly with the people who work from the ambulance to the hospital. I was very grateful for everything that your office did. I’m still grateful that I don’t have to deal, even looking back on it, I’m still grateful that I don’t have to deal with any of that. The correspondence I received was timely and appropriate. I just have nothing but great, great appreciation that it’s over. I’m happy that it’s over and that I won the case. The person who was accountable for this accident will be held responsible. I’m very happy about the outcome. I think I was treated, not only with dignity and respect. I feel like your secretary especially understood the pressure that I was under. Again, I was working 60 hours a week, I was going to school and I am in ministry. I was constantly stressed. I just unfortunately don’t have the type of life where I have a lot of time. Many times she would leave a voicemail, she would follow back up with me. I would call back into the office, and she would take my calls and she would have listened to the voicemessage. She was always prepared. There were times where she had to encourage me and tell me ‘I know this is a long process. I know what you’re going through.’ She remembered the last things I told her. I wasn’t just a nameless face or number. I wasn’t just a case. She called me by my name. She addressed me by my name. She understood some of the personal details that I personally shared with her. She was genuinely concerned about me. I feel like I was treated with not only a lot of respect but that your office cared. I really felt cared for. I think the result was definitely a little bit above my expectation, and I will say this because this is the first time that I’ve ever experienced something of this nature. I’m grateful it was a positive experience or, shall I say, the outcome was a positive experience. It’s very difficult in the beginning to understand what was going to happen. I not only feel it was a positive outcome, but I also feel it was fair. I feel like, again, the person who was accountable for hitting me and changing my life is now accountable. They have been dealt with in an appropriate manner by the law. I feel that I was fairly and justly represented. I’m extremely happy, not only with the outcome, with winning my case and knowing that justice does prevail if you’re persistent and you have the appropriate people behind you that will support you. I think that’s a big piece of it. I feel your office supported me. I definitely would feel comfortable with my professional co-workers and my family as well based upon my own personal experience. I could give them my experience. Although, I would advice them do to whatever nature of their case or whatever, they can’t expect anything but what you have told them through your correspondence and things like that. My personal experience, if they want someone going deep with them, stick with them and give them peace of mind, be professional and organized, I’d definitely recommend they come and speak with you a consultation regarding their needs. Absolutely, for people who go through unexpected eventful crisis that they did not anticipate, be encouraged that there are people out there that care. The law is very complex and seeking legal advice if you feel that you have a case would be very adventitious and beneficial. Do not wait. Do it as soon as possible. I think that if you take those steps and measures, and if you really have a good rapport. I really felt I had a good rapport with Mike down when I met with him. I got direct eye contact. He went through my case and was very honest and straightforward. I will tell you that people really do care. My case was not the biggest case, but it was something that impacted my life. I needed someone to get justice for me. That took place.”

    Marrissa K. June 2013
  • Jack M. stopped by The Schafer Law Office to tell us how we were able to help him after his auto accident here in Louisville, Kentucky.

    I Like What You've Done “I’m Jack McKay. I work for WLOU Radio. I’ve lived in Louisville here now for about six and a half years. For this particular case, I was rear-ended by a young fellow. I took a pretty good hit and I felt like my neck was kind of out of whack. The fact that I had an injury. It was a young fellow that was driving a car that wasn’t his…that’s kind of unsettling. I certainly felt like I needed legal representation. Originally, I was referred to by someone who I felt was knowledgeable and creditable. That’s kind of the way I like to find people is by referral.   Well, I’ve had two separate items that you’ve helped me with. In fact, both of them were car accidents. I guess that doesn’t speak very well for my driving ability. It was both situations where I was rear-ended. I’m a fellow that often has questions about things and curious about how things are going on. Every time I called and had a question, I was taken care of. Several times, I’m sure you remember, you answered my questions personally. Other times I spoke to members of the staff, like Leta. She was able to answer the questions I had, and I felt very comfortable with the way things were handled. I feel very good about it. Everything has been taken care of. Car’s been repaired. I’ve been repaired. I had to go through a lot of rehabilitation, I guess it is, for my neck injury. I felt that sometimes it wasn’t going in the right direction, you and I talked about it and we were able to find the right path and get the right thing done. I’m feeling pretty good about everything.  I really like the way you have your office done. It’s very tastefully done. Your office is certainly conveniently located; not hard to find. What can I say? I like what you’ve done here.”

    Jack M. August 2013
  • A client shares their experience with The Schafer Law Office.

    He Made Me Feel Comfortable In Handling Case From the first day I met with Mike Schafer, he made me feel comfortable in handling my case.

    Dewayne M.
  • A client shares their experience with The Schafer Law Office.

    Very Prompt They were very prompt and patient with me and my case.

    Eric K.
  • A client shares their experience with The Schafer Law Office.

    Lead Me In Right Direction In all, you helped lead me in the right direction with my case. All bills were taken care of.

    Kristin M.
  • A client shares their experience with The Schafer Law Office.

    Courteous and Keep Clients Happy I felt that The Schafer Law Office was professional when it came to important matters that I needed to know about. I felt that I called a lot on my case, but they were respectful and answered with a happy greeting.

    Darron K.
  • A client shares their experience with The Schafer Law Office.

    Great Experience I had a great experience and I always have.

    Clayton S.